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Australia’s Tourism Restart Plan Published

07 Jul 2020

Tourism businesses need lead time to prepare - they can't just open their doors in 24 hours and start trading.

Improving job outcomes for higher ed students

22 Jun 2020

“Strengthening the relationship between universities and business and prioritising internships and work placements is particularly important. It will prepare people better...

Annual wage increase: Minority report got it right

19 Jun 2020

ACCI CEO James Pearson said putting up the price of jobs "when deflation is a strong possibility in the June...

Businesses continue to suffer over casual ruling

17 Jun 2020

Thankfully, the Attorney-General has announced that the focus of one of the upcoming industrial relations working groups involving unions, ACCI...

Australian Chamber – Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends June 2020- Manufacturing conditions slump to historic low

16 Jun 2020

The survey's Actual Composite Index, which indicates business confidence, fell to 24 in the...

Double standard on crowds is hurting businesses

11 Jun 2020

Mr Pearson said if there is no increase in the rates of community transmission following last weekend's protest rallies, businesses would...

Second COVID-19 Business Conditions Survey released

05 Jun 2020

“With more and more businesses entering those higher brackets of revenue loss, we can really get a feel for the...

PC Report Ignores the Elephant in the Room

05 Jun 2020

“On any measure the investment by governments has not kept pace with population growth let alone skill needs.  We need more...

First Trans-Tasman flight proposal released

04 Jun 2020

The Australian Chamber Tourism, Canberra Airport, Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Canberra Business Chamber and Auckland Business Chamber have united to...

Slashing COAG bureaucracy will help create jobs

02 Jun 2020

The number one challenge facing the Australian economy after COVID is getting people into jobs. Supporting businesses to get back...

Government hears the call of business on skills & IR

26 May 2020

As the PM highlighted in his speech to the press club, small businesses are crucial to jobs recovery. Currently small...

Train our people & prepare our businesses for a competitive new world

26 May 2020

By unleashing our economic potential as a world-class innovator, we will greatly improve our chances of reversing current forecasts showing...

Workpac decision a major blow to business restart

21 May 2020

If coronavirus wasn’t enough, small business owners around the country now face the prospect of losing their businesses, homes and...

States must reopen borders to save jobs

20 May 2020

750,000 Australian jobs are on the line. In Queensland alone there are 217,000 people directly employed in tourism, so to...

To save jobs, wages must not change

15 May 2020

We must not confuse what government can do to stimulate the economy with what we can ask of small businesses....

Governments urged to work with tourism on restrictions

09 May 2020

The announcements today will make it economically unviable for most hospitality businesses to open in Stages 1 and 2, and...

Releasing domestic travel restrictions key to restarting economy

08 May 2020

Australian businesses depend on operating as seamlessly as possible between states and territories, as many supply services and source goods interstate.

Final piece of the puzzle in place for Indonesia-Australia Economic & Trade Deal

07 May 2020

“It is marvellous to see a decade of effort between the Governments and private sectors of both nations coming to...

Trans-Tasman bubble a beacon for offshore tourism and trade

05 May 2020

Over the coming weeks both Australia and New Zealand will be in a similar place in their control of COVID-19,  providing...

COVID-19 amendments to the Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services & Retail Award

05 May 2020

The agreed temporary amendments to the award are aimed at preserving the...

National Tourism Restart Taskforce Established

29 Apr 2020

"What is required now is a considered and careful plan to restart Australia’s third largest export industry and one of...

COVIDSafe App is Ignition Key to re-start confidence, business & jobs

26 Apr 2020

Mr. Pearson urged everyone to download and use the voluntary app and asked businesses to encourage their customers, suppliers, and...

Tourism needs the help to rebuild from scratch

15 Apr 2020

“Successfully restarting tourism will depend on programs such as these loans  and other Government support initiatives, as well as the...

Employer-employee relationship at core of changes to Fair Work Act

07 Apr 2020

The JobKeeper legislation, including changes to the Fair Work Act, is critical to keeping businesses in business and Australians in...

Jump start for stalled Aussie exports

01 Apr 2020

The Government's new $110m program, to be coordinated by logistics expert Michael Byrne, will revive stalled exports in seafood, red meat,...

Employers and Unions co-operate on Restaurants Award to address COVID-19 challenges

31 Mar 2020

This temporary alteration allows restaurants and cafes to scale up or down their operations and employees to work fluidly across other areas of...

JobKeeper payment will save jobs: ACCI

31 Mar 2020

Today's announcement is a game changer when Australia needs it most.

FWC Full Bench varies Clerks Award to address COVID-19 challenges

30 Mar 2020

In this extremely difficult time, it has been heartening to see unions and employers working together to ensure more businesses stay...

Landmark COVID-19 awards deal struck

26 Mar 2020

ACCI Workplace Director Scott Barklamb said today's deal was an "historic move during an unprecedented crisis". 

COVID-19: Vital support will help small business survive but more needed if crisis deepens

23 Mar 2020

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry applauded the Federal Government's second tranche of...

New business measures to brace Australian economy against COVID-19

18 Mar 2020

Without support for small business, thousands of Australians will lose their businesses, their jobs and their livelihoods and the economy...

Coronavirus impact hits Australian manufacturing: Survey

17 Mar 2020

The survey, undertaken between February 10 and March 3 this year, found the Actual Composite index fell to 45.0 in the...

Fiscal firepower to assist tourism

13 Mar 2020

Australian Chamber – Tourism Executive Chair John Hart said the targeted funding from the COVID-10 stimulus package is an important...

Stimulus a short-term buffer for small business

12 Mar 2020

While the package is focused on providing relief over the next three months in the belief that the impact of CoViD19 will...

New grant vital for bushfire-affected small businesses

11 Mar 2020

"We welcome the Federal Government's announcement today to provide a new $10K grant as well as slashing the red tape...

Batemans Bay Tourism Recovery Summit & Business Council

02 Mar 2020

Batemans Bay will host The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Tourism Recovery Summit and General Council this week as...

Industry boosts engagement in Circular Economy

02 Mar 2020

The establishment of Plastics Stewardship Australia will help better coordinate government and industry action on more effective ways to reuse...

Stand up to workplace abuse

19 Feb 2020

The campaign highlights bullying, threatening behaviour in some Australian workplaces, and deliberate disregard for our laws and courts.

Productivity growth an urgent priority

19 Feb 2020

The release of the Productivity Commission's analysis is a major wakeup call to our federal and state governments.

Planning now a must for tourism recovery

17 Feb 2020

The Federal Government responded with a record additional investment of $76 Million to help tourism deal with the challenges of...

Move events to the bush: ACCI

29 Jan 2020

‘Holiday Here’ campaign vital to rebuilding Australian tourism

23 Jan 2020

Regional communities across Australia who rely on the tourism industry are continuing to feel the sting of Australia’s devastating bushfires...

Vale Bryan Noakes AO (1930 – 2020)

23 Jan 2020

The President, Board, members and staff of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) have learned with great sadness...

Small businesses welcome bushfire relief

20 Jan 2020

Tourism package the start on a long road to recovery

19 Jan 2020

Bushfire-affected tourism businesses, whether directly or indirectly impacted, have a long road ahead as we work to restore Australia's strong, nature-focused...

New information portal for bushfire-affected businesses

10 Jan 2020

Small business needs to remain a big deal following departmental reshuffle

05 Dec 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry urges the Government to keep its eyes on the needs of small business, while...

Ensuring Integrity bill too important to abandon

04 Dec 2019

This Bill is too important to abandon. We need to fight for vulnerable employees and small business people who continue to...

Focus funding on literacy and numeracy

04 Dec 2019

The 2018 PISA results reflect what business has been consistently saying to the education sector – improve literacy and numeracy...

More effort needed for GDP growth: ACCI

04 Dec 2019

While the modest improvement in GDP growth in the September quarter is a positive sign the health of the Australian economy...

Failed Bill hits small business hardest

29 Nov 2019

The decision by the Australian Senate to reject the Ensuring Integrity Bill will suffocate small businesses who don’t have the...

FTA win as global trade storm brews

26 Nov 2019

It is encouraging to see the Coalition and Opposition recognise the need to maintain momentum and support for liberalised trade in...

ACTU should stick to the facts

25 Nov 2019

Ensuring Integrity amendments get nod from ACCI

22 Nov 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the release of proposed amendments to the Fair Work Amendment (Ensuring Integrity)...

Power of innovation in deregulation reform

21 Nov 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive James Pearson said improvements to the design of business registers and...

Funding focus needed in Vocational Training

21 Nov 2019

Energy market solutions needed from COAG

21 Nov 2019

The COAG Energy Council must address Australia’s beleaguered eastern energy markets at its meeting in Perth tomorrow with the goal...

It’s time to ensure all trade unions and employer organisations obey the law

06 Nov 2019

Huge win for Australian business with latest mega-regional trade agreement

05 Nov 2019

Australian business stands to reap huge rewards from one of the world's largest free trade agreements, after Australian negotiators successfully...

Mental health report first step to reform

31 Oct 2019

Inflation up despite global headwinds

30 Oct 2019

The Australian economy continues to weather global uncertainly, with inflation edging upwards to 1.7 per cent in the Consumer Price Index...

Regional tourism buoyed by increase in Australian cruising

28 Oct 2019

“The increased interest in Australian cruising is a testament to the unique experiences and products on offer and the efforts...

Agri-tourism is key to supporting our regions

28 Oct 2019

Australia is a wide brown land and an authentic experience in a natural landscape is what our visitors expect. Many...

Business welcomes Senate Committee inquiry report into Ensuring Integrity Bill

25 Oct 2019

Vital National Skills Commissioner appointment

24 Oct 2019

Regional policies the seed to drive growth

18 Oct 2019

Indonesia and Hong Kong Free Trade Agreements welcomed

10 Oct 2019

Positioning Australian tourism for future growth

10 Oct 2019

ACCI urges banks pass on full interest rate cut

01 Oct 2019

The Australian Chamber is urging banks to pass on today's interest rate cuts in full in order to boost consumer...

ACCI joins VET stakeholder committee

26 Sep 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to participate in the newly established Vocational Education and Training Stakeholder Committee, announced...

Focus on Indian visitor economy

24 Sep 2019

ACCI supports Mondelēz appeal

16 Sep 2019

Senate decision to protect small business welcomed

16 Sep 2019

ACCI Director joins Deregulation Taskforce

13 Sep 2019

The Australian Chamber is delighted to announce Bryan Clark, Director of ACCI Trade & International Affairs, has been appointed to...

Opportunity missed in Tourist Refund Scheme report

10 Sep 2019

The National Audit Office’s report on the Management of the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) has missed an opportunity to highlight...

Industrial sentiment slows in latest survey results

10 Sep 2019

Modest increase in apprenticeship commencements gives hope for future growth

05 Sep 2019

The future holds promise despite slower growth figure

04 Sep 2019

Learn new trade rules to avoid risk

02 Sep 2019

New rules for interpreting trade terms used by importers, exporters, lawyers, transporters and insurers across the world will be released in...

ACCI appoints new Chief Economist

27 Aug 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Ross Lambie as its Chief...

Spotlight on Vocational Education & Training

26 Aug 2019

Today the country celebrates the important contribution Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) makes to the economy and to the...

Trade: It’s time to focus on the west

23 Aug 2019

While we are keenly focused on trade tensions across the Pacific and security issues in Asia, Australia’s Defence Minister, Linda...

VET building pathways to a bright future

20 Aug 2019

University can be a great pathway for many students, but depending on the course chosen, it can leave many graduates...

Trade tensions remind us of the need to build our competitive muscle

19 Aug 2019

Ongoing trade tensions between our most important strategic partner and our most important trading partner mean this is a crucial...

Business Events Bid Fund Program changes welcomed

16 Aug 2019

Australian Chamber-Tourism, the peak body of Australia’s tourism organisations, welcomes changes to the Government’s $12 million Business Events Bid Fund...

Everyone benefits from better union oversight

09 Aug 2019

With the Ensuring Integrity Bill on its way to the Senate after it was passed by the House of Representatives...

VET reform welcomed by Australian Chamber

09 Aug 2019

The Australian Chamber welcomes the news our country’s Vocation Education and Training (VET) sector will have a reform roadmap by...

COAG Call to action on skills

08 Aug 2019

The Australian Chamber is calling on the country's political leaders to agree to reform our vital Vocation Education and Training...

Small business deserves a fair go in Fair Dismissal Code

06 Aug 2019

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO James Pearson said small businesses would welcome the comprehensive review of the Small...

Australian Chamber welcomes moves to cut red tape

05 Aug 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes today’s announcement that the Productivity Commission will focus on streamlining regulation in...

It is time we all acted on the unions’ lawlessness

30 Jul 2019

The controversy surrounding CFMEU Victorian boss John Setka’s behaviour is another wake-up call. We must not forget the CFMEU’s long...

Time to ensure unions obey our laws and heed our courts

23 Jul 2019

The Government has called time on union officials with deep pockets, arrogant attitudes, and combative lawyers thumbing their nose at...

Maze runner: keeping Australian business competitive in the era of innovation

22 Jul 2019

To keep Australian businesses competitive in a dynamic global environment, Australia will need better regulatory signposts and fewer barriers to...

Union claims exaggerated on union accountability laws

18 Jul 2019

“The union campaign against the Ensuring Integrity Bill ignores the recommendations of a Royal Commission and seeks to give unions...

Further falls in VET funding reinforces urgent need to prioritise reform

18 Jul 2019

"Business and government need to work together with schools, career advisers and training providers to encourage students to choose VET...

Passage of tax cuts benefits all Australians

04 Jul 2019

With the passage of the tax cuts achieved, the Australian Chamber looks forward to working with the Government on its plans to...

Australian Chamber welcomes the reintroduction of the Ensuring Integrity Bill

04 Jul 2019

“By passing this Bill, the Parliament can send a strong signal to organisations and their officials who repeatedly flout the...

Business calls on the Parliament to pass personal tax package in full

01 Jul 2019

We urge the Parliament to pass the package in full to put more money back into the pockets of Australians...

Australian Chamber-Tourism welcomes Working Holiday Maker program expansion

01 Jul 2019

“These positive changes in the program and Tourism Australia’s Australia Inc marketing campaign, will go a long way in attracting new...

Business welcomes Prime Minister’s emphasis on workplace relations and skills

24 Jun 2019

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes the Prime Minister’s commitment to...

International Visitors Survey continues to highlight positive growth story

19 Jun 2019

Australian Chamber – Tourism, the peak body of Australia’s tourism organisations, acknowledges the release of the International Visitors Survey today. The...

Industrial sentiment bounces, conditions confirm a loss of momentum

18 Jun 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends for the June quarter 2019 released today, shows...

Opinion Editorial | It’s time to repair, not replace workplace rules

11 Jun 2019

With the final seats being declared in the federal election, the government and opposition frontbench teams in place and parliament...

Economic growth figures underline need to support business to invest and create jobs

05 Jun 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and most representative business network, today expressed disappointment at the latest...

Lower interest rates to boost small business investment

04 Jun 2019

The Reserve Bank Board’s decision to lower the cash rate to 1.25% today has been welcomed by Australia’s largest business...

Business welcomes new Federal Shadow Ministry

03 Jun 2019

“We look forward to working constructively with the Opposition to develop and support policies that will make Australia a better...

Another minimum wage rise above inflation puts small business and job seekers at risk

30 May 2019

“We hope today’s decision – the tenth straight annual increase in excess of inflation, and the third of 3% or...

Australian Chamber-Tourism congratulates The Hon. Simon Birmingham on his re-appointment as Tourism Minister

26 May 2019

Australian Chamber – Tourism, the national peak body of Australian tourism organisations...

Australian Chamber Welcomes New Federal Government Ministry

26 May 2019

The new Morrison Coalition Federal Government Ministry reflects the right mix of stability and progress for the Australian business community,...

Australian Chamber congratulates Prime Minister Morrison and his Coalition Government on re-election

19 May 2019

“The business community congratulates the Prime Minister and the Coalition for winning...


17 May 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and most representative business network, today paid tribute to the life...

Labor Tourism Policy welcomed by Australian Chamber-Tourism

16 May 2019

The Australian Chamber – Tourism, the national peak body of Australian tourism organisations supports Labor's Tourism Policy announced yesterday evening.

Australian Chamber to call for 1.8% increase to minimum and award wages today in Melbourne

14 May 2019

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

Australian Chamber response to Labor’s costings

10 May 2019

“We welcome Labor’s commitment to delivering surpluses and paying down debt, and for releasing costings a week prior to Election...

Targeting lower power prices: increase competition not regulation

10 May 2019

The Coalition’s commitment to reduce power prices through increased supply and competition is a positive response to calls by the...

Business welcomes R&D tax break for collaboration

08 May 2019

Australia’s largest network of businesses, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes Labor’s pledge today to boost the Research...

GETTING ON WITH BUSINESS 2019: Australia’s largest business network launches policy manifesto for the next Federal Government

07 May 2019

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today launched its policy recommendations...

Australian Chamber-Tourism welcomes Coalition’s Tourism Policy

03 May 2019

Australian Chamber – Tourism, the peak body representing national tourism groups acknowledges the formal announcement of the Coalition’s tourism policy,...

Tourism Satellite Accounts 2017-2018 highlight labour and skills needs in the visitor economy

01 May 2019

The Tourism Satellite Accounts for 2017-18 highlight the visitor economy as one...

Industry-wide wage increases set and subsidised by government put small businesses under pressure

30 Apr 2019

“Whilst we welcome the Opposition’s decision to limit Government subsidised wage increases...

Australian Chamber-Tourism welcomes Labor’s Tourism policy

23 Apr 2019

Australian Chamber - Tourism, the peak body representing the national tourism groups, welcomes Labor’s Tourism policy platform, which commits continued...

Labor’s proposed changes to temporary skilled migration impose big costs on small business

23 Apr 2019

Labor’s announced changes to temporary skilled visas will impose big cost increases...

Australian Business Growth Fund recognises Small Business is a Big Deal

23 Apr 2019

“This announcement is recognition that small businesses is one of the major drivers of economic growth. One of the biggest...

ACTU must stop misrepresenting the facts on employment

18 Apr 2019

“The ACTU’s latest statements on multiple job earners once again seeks to mislead working Australians by making a series of...

Opinion Editorial | A big deal for job makers and risk takers

15 Apr 2019

Chambers of commerce reach into every community through their members - your newsagent, your butcher, your pharmacist, your dentist, and...

Business welcomes Labor focus on surplus & skills but worried by wages plan

05 Apr 2019

A commitment from a future Labor government to deliver surplus budgets against the risk of future global shocks is welcomed...

Billion dollar threat to small business still stands

04 Apr 2019

“Hundreds of thousands of Australian small businesses have been left in limbo, not knowing whether or not they will be...

Business welcomes bipartisan support for small business instant asset write-off

04 Apr 2019

Australia’s largest voice for small business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes the passage of a Bill through...

Budget delivers measures to keep tourism sector strong

02 Apr 2019

The measures in the budget are a good first step to continue the momentum for Australian tourism which is outperforming...

Budget delivers for small business and skills

02 Apr 2019

“With a budget surplus is in sight, more than a decade after the Global Financial Crisis, we would have preferred...

Small Business looks to the Budget

01 Apr 2019

Small Business will be looking to the Federal Government in Budget 2019 to help to sustain the right environment for...

Australian Chamber welcomes increased funding for Export Market Development Scheme

29 Mar 2019

“Today’s announcement will relieve some of the pressures that exporters face and should allow more businesses to gain better rebates,...

United Nations Body Rejects ACTU Complaint Against Australian Building and Construction Commission

28 Mar 2019

Australia’s official employer representative to the United Nations’ International Labour Organisation (ILO),...

Small Business is a Big Deal: Australia’s largest business network gives voice to issues facing small business

27 Mar 2019

Australia’s largest voice for Small Business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and...

Living wage proposal will hurt the people it is supposed to help

26 Mar 2019

The Labor Party’s plan to introduce a living wage will hurt small businesses and the job prospects of workers it...

High costs at home and pressure to innovate are challenging Australian exporters

26 Mar 2019

“High costs at home and the need to come up with new or improved products and services are major challenges...

Australian Chamber welcomes Labor small business policy

22 Mar 2019

Labor's small business policy released yesterday is welcome recognition of the importance of small business to jobs and the economy, Australia's largest...

More co-ordinated approach to population planning is welcome

20 Mar 2019

We urge the government to go a step further than what was announced today and commit to develop, through the...

Employment services reform rightly focuses on jobs seekers and employers

20 Mar 2019

Australia’s largest network of businesses, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has welcomed the announcement by Kelly O'Dwyer, Minister for...

Economic own goal: evidence does not justify Government cuts to migration

19 Mar 2019

The reduction in permanent migration announced by the Government today is not justified by the evidence, Australia’s largest network of...

Business conditions remain positive, but the mood is turning

19 Mar 2019

The outlook for Australian manufacturing is becoming increasingly uncertain, with the first quarter 2019 results of the Australian Chamber of...

The ACTU’s ‘living wage’ would breach international law

14 Mar 2019

Calls for Parliament to set minimum wages based on 60% of median wages would breach Australia’s international treaty obligations, the...

Focus on working holidaymakers welcome

14 Mar 2019

Australia’s peak body of tourism organisations, the Australian Chamber-Tourism welcomes reports today that the Government has announced a new campaign...

Australia must maintain a balanced, independently set minimum wage

12 Mar 2019

Australian employers, employees and job-seekers need to be assured that the Fair Work umpire would remain truly independent in setting...

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) is now open and here to assist small businesses

07 Mar 2019

AFCA’s capacity to deal with small business complaints is significantly greater than...

Australia’s temporary skilled visa system no longer fit for purpose and must be fixed

07 Mar 2019

Australia’s temporary skilled visa system is no longer effective in targeting genuine...

Sound Budget action needed after disappointing GDP increase

06 Mar 2019

As election day approaches, it is hard to shift the focus off the political issues, but these GDP figures show...

Labor call for living wage sends a shiver down the spine of small business

06 Mar 2019

"The Opposition Leader’s reported call to move from a minimum wage to a so-called “living wage” – a proposal pushed...

Big Unions’ wish list a clear and present danger to Australian living standards

05 Mar 2019

The Australian Council of Trade Union’s (ACTU) plan to remove power from employees and employers and hand it to union...

Australian Industry Statement rejecting the flawed Biosecurity Levy

04 Mar 2019

The Australian Government announced a biosecurity levy in the 2018 budget due to be implemented this July that is significantly...

Opportunities for business and jobs open up with Australia-Indonesia Deal

01 Mar 2019

Australian Chamber CEO James Pearson will join the Chamber’s Indonesian and Australian partners at the event, to celebrate their joint...

Work Health & Safety laws: on track but more to do

25 Feb 2019

Australia’s largest network of businesses, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the release by Safe Work Australia of...

Economic modelling of emissions reduction targets raises concerns

21 Feb 2019

"Business has been calling for policies to make energy more affordable in the short and long term, ensure reliability and...

Wage growth welcome, but challenges remain

20 Feb 2019

Australia’s largest network of businesses, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed new figures showing annual wage growth...

Unions must respect the Law when they enter work sites

15 Feb 2019

“Union officials wanting to enter employer premises must be subject to effective oversight and accountability and, like every other Australian,...

Does the Senate support Small Business – or not?

15 Feb 2019

Australia’s largest voice for small business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is urging the Senate not to recreate...

Vale George Polites AC CMG MBE (1918-2019)

12 Feb 2019

It is with great sadness the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry notes the passing of George Polites AC CMG...

Australian Chamber welcomes Royal Commission report and calls for focus on the future

05 Feb 2019

“The Commission has rightly taken the financial sector to task over its conduct,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson, said. “We welcome...

No time to relax on budget repair

01 Feb 2019

“With business sentiment wavering amid global economic uncertainty, now is not the time for the Government to relax its effort...

Australian Chamber-Tourism Chair appointed to Tourism Australia Board

30 Jan 2019

“The appointment recognises both John Hart’s expertise and the role that Australian Chamber-Tourism plays in coordinating the industry voice. With...

Increase in the instant asset write-off a boost for small business

29 Jan 2019

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement today...

Steady growth in employment is good news

24 Jan 2019

The positive news delivered by the ABS Labour Force figures today is a welcome boost to business confidence, Australia’s largest...

Small Business top of agenda where it belongs

21 Jan 2019

“Addressing the competitive conditions in which small to medium size enterprises operate will need to be the number one focus...

ACTU’s advocacy against Working Holiday Makers ignores the benefits

15 Jan 2019

Australian Chamber-Tourism Executive Chair, John Hart said, “the Working Holiday Maker Visa Program is not only a vital source of...

Business welcomes latest results from graduate employment and employer satisfaction survey

11 Jan 2019

An improvement in employment outcomes as well as an increase in employer...

Australia right to look to the Indian Ocean, as well as Asia-Pacific, to secure our future

10 Jan 2019

Job Vacancies – The Facts

09 Jan 2019

“The simple truth is today’s ABS data confirms there have never been more job openings in Australia than there are...

ABCC crucial to maintaining the law and protecting workers and small businesses

09 Jan 2019

“Completely abolishing the ABCC would be an open invitation for a return to the building site lawlessness of the past...

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year’s Resolution

28 Dec 2018

In this upcoming Federal Election year, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year resolution is to convince the...

Employment story continues positive trend; enterprise agreements still delivering

20 Dec 2018

Despite the positive story in these figures, Mr Pearson noted that the trend underemployment rate, which measures those people who...

COAG Energy Council outcomes better reflect industry concerns – at last

19 Dec 2018

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has welcomed the COAG Energy Council’s...

Improvement in Budget bottom-line welcome

17 Dec 2018

“With the good news comes caution. Today’s announcement is not a green light to spend to excess, particularly as the...

Australian Chamber Welcomes New Employment Report

14 Dec 2018

“The Panel’s report has highlighted the key elements that are critical to making the next employment service arrangements more effective....

Business mood cools but remains positive – survey results reveal

13 Dec 2018

The fourth-quarter results of the Australian Chamber-Westpac survey of Industrial trends, released today, show the outlook for Australian industry remains...

Building and Construction Commission vital to protecting workers’ interests

12 Dec 2018

“Unions and employers share the same obligations as every Australian to act within the law,” Australian Chamber of Commerce and...

Speech | Annual Dinner Address | President Jeremy Johnson

12 Dec 2018

Australian Chamber President Jeremy Johnson's welcome address at the 2018 Business Leaders Annual Dinner.

Migration works for all of us

11 Dec 2018

“The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes there needs to be a greater focus in the current debate on...

Business Welcomes Closing of Casual Employment Loophole

11 Dec 2018

“Australians know it’s not fair to be paid twice for the same work – that’s not a fair day’s pay...

Australia no longer strike bound – but right to strike alive and well

06 Dec 2018

“Minimising strikes and lockouts has been a central goal of our industrial relations system for more than a century.  Australians...

Australian Chamber welcomes the inclusion of domestic violence leave in national employment standards

06 Dec 2018

“We are glad to see that the independent decision of the Fair...

A positive first step towards repairing our industrial relations system

06 Dec 2018

“Parliament should be congratulated for taking an important first step towards repairing our industrial relations system," Scott Barklamb, the Australian...

Latest apprentice data no cause to celebrate

04 Dec 2018

"Business faces pressing skill shortages. We know what many of the problems are with apprenticeships and we have good ideas on...

Business opposes federal energy divestment powers

03 Dec 2018

The Federal Government should drop its plans to introduce the Electricity Price Monitoring and Response Legislative Framework Bill 2018 in...

Vocational Education and Training gets the attention it deserves

29 Nov 2018

The business community has been deeply concerned at the decline in the number of apprentices and trainees,” Australian Chamber CEO,...

New facts expose false claims from big unions on how Australians work

29 Nov 2018

“New data released today exposes false claims by big unions about how Australians work,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson, said...

Prime Minister to address Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Annual Dinner

28 Nov 2018

"The Annual Dinner provides a platform for the Prime Minister to speak...

Labor announcement highlights need for national agreement on energy

22 Nov 2018

“We must not overlook the fact that, right here right now, businesses and households are struggling with unaffordable power bills....

ACTU playing too casual with the facts

19 Nov 2018

“The ACTU is becoming increasingly fast and loose with facts and their latest report into casual wages today makes a...

Business concerned about reports of cut to permanent migration intake

16 Nov 2018

“Employers across the country, in regional communities and our capital cities, and businesses large and small, are worried at reports...

Business welcomes positive jobs growth

15 Nov 2018

“The best way we can reduce underemployment and unemployment is through policy settings that will encourage businesses – large and...


14 Nov 2018

The ACTU is sowing confusion by claiming wages are staying low following the latest wage growth data. The facts are...

Australian Chamber welcomes federal government’s support for small business

14 Nov 2018

"The government's decision to improve access for small businesses to finance is welcome,” James Pearson, Chief Executive of the Australian...

International Visitors Survey reflects the high value delivered by Tourism

02 Nov 2018

“Our message is clear, tourism works for Australia and these results are further evidence of this. We need to do...

Inflation report highlights need for policy reform

31 Oct 2018

“While overall inflation might be low and certainly lower than the RBA would like, a 20%-plus spike in petrol prices...

Business welcomes regional apprenticeship pilot; more action needed to support national apprenticeship growth

31 Oct 2018

“Alongside this pilot, the Federal Government still has much work to do...

Competition and certainty key to solving energy crisis

23 Oct 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's CEO, James Pearson, says today’s announcement by the Federal Government on energy clearly attempts...

Big Unions Misinform Their Members and The Australian Community

22 Oct 2018

Big Unions are telling unionists to leave their jobs to attend rallies this week based on deliberate misinformation about how Australians work and...

Migration positive story welcome

19 Oct 2018

"We are pleased Minister Coleman has acknowledged the important role employer-sponsored migration plays in solving the skills and labour shortages...

Speech | The Future of Enterprise Bargaining and Wage Setting

19 Oct 2018

You invite us here at a critical time – in the lead up to potentially one of the most significant...

Australian businesses now have access to TRILLION dollar market

19 Oct 2018

We congratulate the Federal Government on their work in getting Australia into the GPA, and look forward to the opportunities...

Business welcomes Government intervention on casual employment

18 Oct 2018

The Federal Government’s intervention in a legal challenge to preserve casual employment and protect Australia’s small businesses from billions of...

Australian Chamber welcomes Senate endorsement of TPP

17 Oct 2018

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the passage of the...

Australian Chamber Welcomes COAG Commitment To Address Silicosis

15 Oct 2018

Australia’s largest business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the COAG Health Council and Minister Hunt’s...

Australian Chamber welcomes Labor support for small business tax cuts

12 Oct 2018

The Federal Opposition’s decision to support the acceleration of tax cuts for small, medium and family sized businesses has been...

Tax cuts the right move by Federal Government

11 Oct 2018

“We urge politicians of all sides who say they are supporters of small business to back the tax cuts being...

Business renews calls for bipartisan national solution to energy crisis

10 Oct 2018

“Business needs both major parties, and state and territory governments, to rise above short-term politics and ideology to resolve the...

Promote regional migration but not at expense of city-based jobs

09 Oct 2018

“There is no doubt we need better infrastructure planning to cope with growth and alleviate congestion,” Australian Chamber CEO, James...

Australia Must Reject Big Union Plan to Return to Big Strikes

05 Oct 2018

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, today called on all political parties...

ACTU – “Why?”

04 Oct 2018

Australia’s largest business voice, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, asks a simple question about the ACTU’s plan to...

Australian Chamber welcomes VET FEE-HELP remedy for students

20 Sep 2018

“We are pleased that the Government has taken additional steps to address inappropriately incurred VET FEE-HELP debt, with proposed legislation...

Speech | Australian Chamber Business Leaders Summit Cocktail Reception Address

19 Sep 2018

We are the nation’s largest and most representative business network. We are recognised for our thoughtful and assertive advocacy for...

Business leaders gather at Parliament House for Business Leaders Summit

18 Sep 2018

“Over the course of the Summit we will bring together Australian Chamber members, political and business leaders, policymakers, regulators, and influencers...

Hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk after employment decision

13 Sep 2018

“This decision is a king hit on the livelihoods of Australian employers and employees - in particular small businesses. Employers...

Jobs surge welcomed by Australian Chamber

13 Sep 2018

The Australian Chamber has welcomed news from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today that total jobs surged by 44,000 in August,...

Parliament Should Deliver A Consistent National Domestic Violence Leave Standard

13 Sep 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes proposed laws to provide all Australian employees with access to domestic violence...

Australian Chamber calls for action and support to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

12 Sep 2018

“Australian employers do not want sexual harassment in their workplaces,” Australian Chamber...

Extension of Instant Asset Write-Down welcomed; more action needed to end business uncertainty

12 Sep 2018

“Small business is the backbone of the country and accelerated depreciation is an...

Business welcomes Opposition support for the TPP and improvements to trade agreements, and warns on moves to remove dispute resolution and labour market arrangements

11 Sep 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes the Federal Opposition’s support...

Survey results reinforce need for policy certainty to boost business

11 Sep 2018

The 3rd quarter results of the Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial trends, released today, show the outlook for Australian Manufacturing...

Business Calls On Government To Provide Energy Certainty

10 Sep 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the Government to make clear quickly, its plans to encourage...

Australian Chamber welcomes Skilling South Australia Announcement

07 Sep 2018

“We are pleased that South Australia has taken the lead in progressing the SAF. With action on declining apprenticeship numbers...

Small Business Tax Cuts & Asset Write-Off Must Now Be Government Priority

06 Sep 2018

Accelerating legislated tax cuts and permanently locking in law the instant asset write-off for small business, has to be a Federal...

Increased age eligibility for Canadian Working Holiday Makers welcomed

06 Sep 2018

Australian Chamber-Tourism, welcomes the announcement today that Canadians up to the age of 35 years are eligible to apply for...

Stronger economy welcomed by Business

05 Sep 2018

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported today that the economy grew by 0.9% in the June quarter and by 3.4% over...

Business response to ALP Gas Policy

03 Sep 2018

The best way to ensure affordable gas is to increase gas supply, Australia’s largest business lobby group, the Australian Chamber...

Australian Chamber welcomes Indonesian trade announcement and regional visits by new Prime Minister and Trade Minister

31 Aug 2018

Australia’s largest and most representative business lobby group, the Australian Chamber of...

Speech | Canberra Business Chamber Diplomatic Business Connections Gala Dinner: Competitiveness and our agenda | 30 August 2018

31 Aug 2018

New energy policy right to prioritise power prices; more to be done on reliability and emissions

30 Aug 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes Energy Minister Taylor’s clear commitment to cut power...

Australian Chamber-Tourism welcomes the appointment of Senator Birmingham as Minister for Trade and Tourism

27 Aug 2018

“We welcome the appointment of Senator Birmingham as the Minister for Trade,...

Business welcomes new Ministry

26 Aug 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the country’s largest business group, has today welcomed the announcement of the new Ministry...

Tourism congratulates the new Prime Minister

24 Aug 2018

Australian Chamber Acting CEO and Director of Tourism, Jenny Lambert said, “Mr Morrison’s background in Tourism will better position the...

No time to lose: Business calls for action from new Prime Minister

24 Aug 2018

Australia's largest business lobby group, the Australian Chamber, today congratulates Scott Morrison on his appointment as Prime Minister of Australia,...

Business calls on Government to bring forward legislated tax cuts

22 Aug 2018

“It’s disappointing that the Senate has voted against tax cuts for all businesses, but that must not mean the death...

Australian business and jobs at risk after company tax cut defeat

22 Aug 2018

“Small businesses as well as large businesses, and the people who work for them, have been let down by the...

Australia’s largest business lobby responds to current political environment

21 Aug 2018

"Businesses of all sizes across the country represented by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry more than ever need long-term positive policy...

Jobs and wages figures positive; business challenges remain

16 Aug 2018

As the economy continues to grow, create more jobs and absorb spare capacity in the labour market, we should expect...

Business Women Champions of the Heart launches in Sydney today

15 Aug 2018

The Heart Foundation has joined forces with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to launch “Business Women Champions of...

Australian Chamber calls on State and Territory Governments to endorse NEG

14 Aug 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the passage of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) through the Federal Coalition party room. “Business wants...

Bureau of Statistics out of touch with workforce change

14 Aug 2018

The recent decision by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to not review the classification of jobs in Australian workplaces...

COAG: Urgent agreement needed on NEG

10 Aug 2018

“Business patience is wearing thin. Households and business can’t put off paying their power bills, politicians need to stop putting...

Latest VET figures show significant decline

09 Aug 2018

Governments need to urgently implement the apprenticeship projects from the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) National Partnership Agreements. Not a single...

Victory on energy can only be won through compromise

09 Aug 2018

Australia’s political tribes are approaching tomorrow’s COAG meeting on the National Energy Guarantee as if it were a do-or-die elimination...

Business grasps the reality of the debate on Migration

07 Aug 2018

Skilled migration is a critical element in supporting economic growth and business is absolutely up for the debate about its...

Joint Statement – Business and Industry united in calling for an end to energy uncertainty

06 Aug 2018

Representatives of Australia’s biggest employers, small businesses, the energy industry and the...

Well informed jobs market key to remedy fall in education expectations

01 Aug 2018

A good start but job not done: Fair Work should be much fairer to small businesses

30 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the Fair Work Commission’s commitment to better support small business but wants more to be done...

Rising stars go head to head in International Mediation Competition

28 Jul 2018

ACTU wrong on wages

25 Jul 2018

"It’s wrong for the ACTU to claim the wage setting system is failing working people,” Australian Chamber of Commerce and...

Business calls on policy makers to urgently start planning for longer-term growth

24 Jul 2018

A more holistic approach to long-term infrastructure planning is required to address concerns regarding Australia’s population growth, the Australian Chamber of...

International Visitors Survey highlights Tourism as Economic and Jobs Powerhouse

19 Jul 2018

The latest International Visitors Survey for year ending March 2018 reflects an impressive increase of 6% in spend to $42.3...

Jobs growth welcomed by Australian Chamber

19 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed Australia’s strongest jobs growth in seven months, with 51,000 jobs created...

Australian Chamber welcomes new Australian Made CEO

19 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes Ben Lazzaro’s appointment to Chief Executive Officer of Australian Made. “The Australian...

Cooperation Not Militancy The Way Forward On Industrial Relations

18 Jul 2018

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Congress missed an important opportunity this week to show that unions understand what...

New Labor proposal threatens competitive labour hire arrangements

17 Jul 2018

The Federal Opposition’s plan to increase labour hire regulation risks undermining the flexibility and competitiveness of Australia’s workforce, the Australian...

New statistics highlight strong growth in Australian tourism market

17 Jul 2018

New figures on overseas arrivals and departures released today, reinforce the success of the Industry led ‘Beyond 2020’ tourism strategy, Australian...

ACCC call for lower energy costs welcomed by Australian Chamber

11 Jul 2018

“The Australian Chamber has long argued prices simply must come down,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson, said today.

Workplace Relations System Should Work Better For Small Business

06 Jul 2018

“Working Better for Small Business” a new report commissioned and released by the Fair Work Commission today, highlights some of...

Common sense could be the winner from Labor’s backflip on business tax

02 Jul 2018

Many Australian businesses breathed a sigh of relief last Friday when commonsense prevailed amongst the ALP’s leadership team. They backed...

Australian Chamber Responds to Labor Tax Policy Repeal

29 Jun 2018

Today’s decision by the Opposition Leader and his leadership team to back tax cuts for businesses up to $50million turnover...

Australian Chamber welcomes accession to multilateral government procurement agreement

29 Jun 2018

"Australia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)...

Labor Tax Policy – “A Kick In The Guts For SMEs”

26 Jun 2018

“This is a kick in the guts for over ten thousand businesses employing over one million workers who now see...

New Fair Work Ombudsman welcomed by the Australian Chamber

22 Jun 2018

"The Australian Chamber congratulates Sandra Parker PSM, on her appointment as Australia’s new Fair Work Ombudsman", Australian Chamber of Commerce...

Better communication essential to improving Work Health & Safety outcomes for Small Business

22 Jun 2018

“We are calling on respective Federal, State & Territory WHS Ministers and...

Domestic travel key contributor to the economy: Survey

20 Jun 2018

Strong growth in domestic overnight travel reinforces domestic tourism’s contribution to the Australian economy, Australian Chamber-Tourism, Australia’s peak body for...

Australian Chamber welcomes national inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

20 Jun 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the announcement today by the Australian Human Rights...

Superannuation amnesty – Giving everyone a fair go

14 Jun 2018

An amnesty announced by the Federal Government to allow employers who have missed superannuation payments to catch up, so affected...

Australian Chamber – Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends Q2 2018

12 Jun 2018

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, James Pearson said “We welcome the ongoing overall outlook...

Action on apprenticeships at last

08 Jun 2018

With VET funding levels down and apprenticeship numbers only just starting to climb up from rock bottom, it is vital...

Collaboration key to strengthening the Economy

04 Jun 2018

Stronger profits are driving jobs and wage growth in data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today. However the...

Increase to Minimum Wage Puts Jobs in Small Business At Risk

01 Jun 2018

Small business risks being pushed further out of the economy by the Fair Work Commission’s decision today to lift minimum...

New Tools to Revolutionise International Trade

29 May 2018

PwC Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Port of Brisbane have collaborated to develop a ‘Trade...

C’MON AUSSIE C’MON: 19th place is not good enough: reform needed to reclaim Australian competitiveness

24 May 2018

Australia’s rise from 21st to 19th place in the International Institute for...

ACTU Wrong on Job Security

21 May 2018

The latest claims by the ACTU that 40% of Australians are in insecure work are false and misleading, the Australian...

Labor’s Approach to Budget and Fiscal Policy – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry response

17 May 2018

The Labor Party’s recognition of the need to pay down debt and...

Information key to future of Higher Education

16 May 2018

2017 Student Experience Survey provides much-needed insights into the experience of students in our higher education system and serves as...

Australian Chamber welcomes Government’s response to China’s draft cyber supervision laws

10 May 2018

We encourage trade and investment with China that embraces the modern digital...

Some Good News In Budget for Tourism

08 May 2018

Measures in the Federal Budget 2018 that support tourism growth are welcomed by Australian Chamber - Tourism, including investments in...

Heading In The Right Direction – But More Ambition Needed

08 May 2018

Overall this is a positive budget – but it leaves Australia more exposed than we would like to any deterioration...

Budget 2018 should be about more than tax & the next election

03 May 2018

Employers will look beyond the headlines on tax when assessing next week’s Federal Budget.

Business rejects ACTU’s attempt to scapegoat temporary migrants

03 May 2018

The leading voice of business in Australia rejects the ACTU’s attempt to scapegoat temporary migrants, and stoke the politics of...

Australian Chamber welcomes US steel tariff exemption

01 May 2018

The decision by the US Government to exempt Australia from its steel and aluminium tariffs is welcomed by the Australian...

Cooperation not litigation is the key to productive workplaces

01 May 2018

The Labor Party’s proposal to give the Fair Work Commission more powers would see unions applying for orders to compel...

Time for the ACTU to face facts

27 Apr 2018

It’s time for the ACTU to get real. It’s time to set some facts straight.

Apprentice health and safety to take centre stage on World WHS day

27 Apr 2018

Saturday, 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and Workers’ Memorial Day.

Australian Chamber supports push to simplify workplace relations

27 Apr 2018

Australian Chamber welcomes recognition the Australian workplace relations system is too complex by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise...

Labor should not let unions choose their own regulators

21 Apr 2018

Today’s report in The Australian newspaper that Labor would abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and reinstate the...

COAG: NEG makes its way towards the starting line – but action needed now

20 Apr 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the decision of the COAG Energy Council to progress development of the detailed design of the...

Energy ministers must end the power struggle

19 Apr 2018

Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson encourages Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to work with his state and territory colleagues to...

ACTU wage claim shirtfronts small business & slams the door on jobseekers

19 Apr 2018

The ACTU’s claim that a 7.2% minimum wage rise will create tens of thousands of new jobs shirtfronts the small...

Australian Chamber welcomes decision to lift fracking ban in Northern Territory

17 Apr 2018

The decision to lift the ban on fracking in the Northern Territory has been welcomed by the Australian Chamber of...

Why the ACTU wants to break the rules it wrote

17 Apr 2018

We all need to tackle the very real problems confronting the existing Fair Work Act, starting with those identified by...

Calls to cut temporary work visa numbers play on unfounded fears

16 Apr 2018

Inflating concerns around temporary work visa numbers is a cynical move by the ACTU to play on unfounded fears that...

Business worried by falls in migration

13 Apr 2018

"Over the last five years business has watched, with increasing dismay, both Labor and Coalition governments tighten the screws on...

Radio National interview with James Pearson, CEO, Australian Chamber

12 Apr 2018

Breakfast on Radio National with Hamish MacDonald interviewing James Pearson, CEO, Australian Chamber, about the ACTU's push for a better...

Australian Chamber Calls On ACTU To Fix Enterprise Bargaining – Not Destroy It

12 Apr 2018

Today the Australian Chamber calls on the unions to work with business to fix the enterprise bargaining system, not destroy...

Australian Chamber supports Frydenberg’s common-sense approach to energy

11 Apr 2018

"Minister Frydenberg's comments in his National Press Club address reflect the overwhelming desire of business for a common-sense approach to...

ACTU policy package – “A recipe for disaster”

21 Mar 2018

The ACTU’s proposed policy package and its war against employers is a recipe for disaster not supported by the facts.

4 skills that will help you survive the robot apocalypse at work | Business Insider

20 Mar 2018

The robots are coming to change the way we all work, and one expert is predicting “quite a lot of...

How Envato became Australia’s coolest business for women to work at | Business Insider

20 Mar 2018

Envato is one of the darlings of the Australian startup sector, a...

CEOs are frustrated staff don’t read their emails – here’s how companies need to change for today’s workforce | Business Insider

20 Mar 2018

We’ve been hearing from CEOs across all types of organisations in Australia...

Tourism continues to grow as economic powerhouse

14 Mar 2018

The status of tourism as a powerhouse in the Australian economy has been reinforced by the positive growth trend of...

Labor’s new instant tax write-off policy welcomed by Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

13 Mar 2018

Federal Labor Opposition commitment to allow all businesses to immediately deduct 20...

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls for 1.9% increase in minimum and award wages

13 Mar 2018

The positive growth trend of international visitors to Australia reflected in the...

Australian first for International Chamber of Commerce

13 Mar 2018

Australian Chamber congratulates Mr John Denton on his appointment as the ICC Secretary General

ACTU risks damaging small business and employment through excessive wage demands

12 Mar 2018

ACTU risks damaging small business and employment through excessive wage demands.

ABC Radio National

12 Mar 2018

CEO, James Pearson discusses tariffs and the union's latest war on business on ABC Radio National.

Truth and small businesses are the first casualties of the ACTU’s latest war on business

11 Mar 2018

Calling out the ACTU on its latest scare campaign against Australian business.

Australia gets US steel tariff exemption

11 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the announcement that Australia will be exempt from the proposed US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Employer Associations again urging caution with publication of ISO 45001

09 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is again urging businesses to wait for a decision from Standards Australia’s Technical...

Free trade is a two-way street

08 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the signing of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in Santiago, Chile this...

Lopsided economy needs policy action

07 Mar 2018

An inconvenient truth is still the truth

06 Mar 2018

“The ACTU is deliberately cherry-picking outdated data to argue a misleading case,” said CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

It’s time to push the reset button on the business tax debate.

27 Feb 2018

Immigration a resounding positive for business and communities

27 Feb 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes new Deputy Prime Minister

26 Feb 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the elevation of Michael McCormack as the new Leader of the National Party...

National education inquiry welcomed

23 Feb 2018

Announcement to commit to establishing a national inquiry into all post-secondary education in Australia is welcomed by the Australian Chamber...

Why you can’t take a “Pimp My Ride” approach to transforming your business

22 Feb 2018

“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s...

Alana Matheson | Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers

22 Feb 2018

Australian Chamber CEO James Pearson on facts

21 Feb 2018

Facts are important and never more so for the business community as debate heats up towards a Federal election. That’s...

Business welcomes continued wages growth

21 Feb 2018

ABS seasonally adjusted quarterly figures for wage growth released today show a rise. CEO of the Australian Chamber James Pearson...

Australia must maintain independently set, balanced minimum wages

20 Feb 2018

Today’s comments from the federal Opposition underscore the critical importance of maintaining truly independent minimum wage setting through the Fair...

Graduate Outcomes provide key guidance for “Want-to-be” university students

26 Jan 2018

Intending higher education students should read the 2017 Graduate Outcomes Survey released...

Australian companies face an unprecedented challenge in managing five different generations in the workplace | Business Insider

22 Jan 2018

This is an historic era for Australian business. For the first time,...

Tourism Works for Australia

19 Jan 2018

“Although the number of tourism and hospitality workers is higher in some electorates compared to others, the analysis demonstrates that...

Independent report shows value in a new pricing structure for the National Electricity Market

18 Jan 2018

Research commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has shown...

The future starts now: businesses challenged to get to grips with the changing workforce

17 Jan 2018

Australia’s top business body is tapping global expertise to help local businesses...

Prospects for prosperity – Will it be a happy new year for business?

11 Jan 2018

It’s usual to wish friends and family a prosperous New Year. So what are the prospects for prosperity as we...

Time for a good hard look at our whole tax system

21 Dec 2017

“It’s time for a good hard look at our whole tax system,” James Pearson, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian...

Summary of the budget update and response

20 Dec 2017

The Australian Chamber welcomed the improved budget position in this week’s Mid-year Fiscal and Economic Outlook (MYEFO) and Treasurer Scott...

Strong jobs growth continues

14 Dec 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Economist Adam Carr, commenting on today's ABS Labour Force report, said:

Tourism a huge contributor to national economic performance

14 Dec 2017

The Executive Chair of Australian Chamber-Tourism, John Hart, commenting on today’s ABS tourism economic performance figures, said: “It is clear...

Manufacturing outlook remains positive

12 Dec 2017

The outlook for Australian manufacturing continues to be positive, the Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends shows.

Women working on it: behind closed doors

11 Dec 2017

Behind Closed Doors is an Australian professional network, focused on peer to peer mentoring and development of women in business....

Apprenticeship Numbers Continue to Fall, System in Crisis

07 Dec 2017

A further 4.7% decline in apprenticeship numbers confirms the system is in crisis, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry...

Australia’s Economy Gaining Momentum

06 Dec 2017

Today’s national accounts show that the Australian economy is gaining momentum, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

Australian Chamber congratulates export award winners

06 Dec 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry congratulates the winners of the Australian Export Awards, announced last night at a...

Tourism chief new President

01 Dec 2017

One of Australia’s leading tourism chiefs has been elected President of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s leading...

Energy crisis – Rising costs must be addressed

29 Nov 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes comments this morning from Audrey Zibelman, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian...

Business assessment warns vocational training at a tipping point

24 Nov 2017

Vocational training generates great outcomes, but risks falling into decline without agreement from COAG ministers,  the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

Brand Australia – Call for single brand welcomed

23 Nov 2017

The Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the government’s call today, in the release of its Foreign Policy White...

Prime Minister The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, remarks at the Australian Chamber Small Business Roundtable, Parliament House

22 Nov 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speech to the Australian Chamber Small Business Roundtable...

Faster payments to small business welcomed

22 Nov 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the government’s announcement today that small businesses providing goods and services to...

Australia’s gender equality scorecard

17 Nov 2017

Commenting on the release today of the government Workplace Gender Equity Agency Australia’s gender equality scorecard, the Australian Chamber of...

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten address to the Australian Chamber Lunch

14 Nov 2017

The Hon Bill Shorten MP | Leader of the Opposition  Speech to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lunch,...

Peru-Australia trade deal welcomed. Deal finalised in just six months.

10 Nov 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the announcement today of an agreed preferential trade deal between Peru and...

Bank tax would take South Australia in the wrong direction

01 Nov 2017

Ahead of this evening’s vote in the South Australian Parliament, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and...

Flexible arrangements working well

31 Oct 2017

Business owners are granting 90% of requests for flexible working hours, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

Dick Grozier | Senate, Education and Employment Legislation Committee, Fair Work Laws Amendment (Proper Use of Worker Benefits) Bill 2017

31 Oct 2017

Opening Statement | Senate, Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Fair Work Laws...

Celebrating 50 years of job creation through tourism investment

30 Oct 2017

Australian Chamber - Tourism, the peak national tourism body in Australia, joins Tourism Australia and the Australian Government in celebrating...

CPI figures show businesses unable to pass on energy prices

25 Oct 2017

Responding to the latest ABS Consumer Price Index, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Economist Adam Carr said:

Productivity Commission wake up call

24 Oct 2017

“The Productivity Commission five-year review is a wake-up call,” James Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,...

Pay-for-what-you-use access to cloud technology is changing the world

23 Oct 2017

Shannon Nixon (nee O’Brien) is Enterprise Sales Manager QLD at Amazon Web Services and she spoke about the impact of...

Increasing promotion of a draft safety management system worries employer groups

23 Oct 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is urging businesses to reflect before preparing for or implementing the new draft...

Holden closure – Not the end of automotive, Australia entering new growth phase

20 Oct 2017

“Australia has an ongoing vibrant and viable automotive industry,” Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Officer James Pearson...

National Press Club: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and James Pearson

19 Oct 2017

Business Leaders Summit in Canberra Today

17 Oct 2017

Business leaders across Australia are gathering in Canberra today for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual Business Leaders...

Business Response – Government Energy Policy Announcement

17 Oct 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on behalf of Australian business, has been advocating for three things:

Against the grain

16 Oct 2017

A willingness to explore new technology has seen agricultural supplier HE Silos vastly extend the life of stored grain, securing...

Urgent action needed to prevent job losses and business closure

16 Oct 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today welcomes the release of the ACCC preliminary report into its Retail Electricity Pricing...

Federal Court decision on penalty rates means it’s time to let employers get on with creating jobs

11 Oct 2017

In responding to the Federal Court’s decision to dismiss the appeal of...

Anything less than bipartisanship on energy is a policy failure

10 Oct 2017

Failure to achieve bipartisan consensus on energy would lead to worse outcomes as we fall back on a patchwork of...

Resignation of Senator Nick Xenophon

06 Oct 2017

"Nick Xenophon’s brand of politics will be missed in Canberra," James Pearson, Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

FutureAsia offers a framework for deeper engagement

29 Sep 2017

Smarter and deeper engagement with our overseas neighbours will help create new business opportunities and better outcomes for our economy,...

Alana Matheson | Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2017

29 Sep 2017

Opening statement | Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Fair Work...

Another reminder we need to lock in and extend company tax reductions

28 Sep 2017

Today’s announcements in the US compound the need to act on business tax rates or be left behind, the Australian Chamber...

Australia still outside the top 20 in global competitiveness

27 Sep 2017

It is time to return to the economic reform agenda or we risk being further left behind, the Australian Chamber...

Response to announcement on domestic gas supply

27 Sep 2017

Statement from James Pearson, Chief Executive:

ACCC report confirms jobs risk from energy crisis

25 Sep 2017

Tariff reductions positive step towards comprehensive agreement with Indonesia

21 Sep 2017

Minister Ciobo’s announcement that Australia and Indonesia will move promptly to implement tariff reductions is a positive step towards the...

Self-serving ACTU campaign risks misleading employees

21 Sep 2017

The ACTU’s ‘change the rules’ campaign is self-serving and based on misinformation the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said...

Tourism an Australian economic success story, but our regions missing out on international tourism dollars

20 Sep 2017

Australian Chamber – Tourism welcomes today’s release of the National Visitor Survey...

Jenny Lambert statement to the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training – Inquiry into school to work transitions

18 Sep 2017

House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training – Inquiry into school...

Construction, infrastructure spending drive manufacturing results

14 Sep 2017

Australia’s manufacturers are benefitting from a strong upswing in public infrastructure spending, with stronger world growth and a relatively low...

Resignation of Nigel Hadgkiss APM

13 Sep 2017

Throughout his long and distinguished public service career, Nigel Hadgkiss APM has demonstrated his professional commitment to serving the Australian...

Business welcomes moves to stamp out phoenixing

12 Sep 2017

Sensible steps to deter and detect illegal phoenixing will benefit Australian business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has...

Tourist spend at record highs

06 Sep 2017

The latest International Visitor Survey showing that spending by international tourists is at a record high of $40.6 billion further...

Why mindfulness in technology adoption matters to business with Dr Jason Fox

05 Sep 2017

Dr Jason Fox is a modern day wizard-rogue and leadership advisor, bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to...

Vulnerable Workers Legislation passes the Senate

05 Sep 2017

The Senate last night passed tough new laws that will see penalties of up to $630,000 for employers who knowingly...

Why business women should put themselves forward for the 2017 Smart50 Awards

04 Sep 2017

For more than 10 years SmartCompany has been hosting the Smart50 Awards, acknowledging Australia’s fastest-growing SMEs. This year, SmartCompany is...

Speech | APEC workshop on Rules of Origin (ROO) related to the potential development of a Free Trade Area of the Asia – Pacific (FTAAP)

31 Aug 2017

The Australian Chamber’s Bryan Clark presented to an APEC workshop on Rules...

Small business to benefit from a better deal on energy

30 Aug 2017

It is a welcome announcement from the Prime Minister that small business will be included in measures to help households...

A reminder to the PM and energy retailers: Don’t forget small business

29 Aug 2017

Small businesses must be in scope at tomorrow’s meeting between the Prime Minister and the big energy retailers, the Australian...

Helping employers avoid missed super contributions an important part of the super system

29 Aug 2017

Improving superannuation compliance is an important contributor to the success of Australia’s...

ACTU claim for employees to set their working hours unworkable

28 Aug 2017

Responding to the ACTU’s claim for employees to be able to dictate both the number of hours they work, and...

Alana Matheson | Senate, Education and Employment Legislation Committee – Fair Work Amendment (Pay Protection) Bill

25 Aug 2017

Opening statement to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Fair...

Evolution, Expansion and Entrepreneurial Spirt with Anna Ross from Kester Black

24 Aug 2017

Entrepreneur Anna Ross describes the ethical and sustainable nail polish and cosmetics company she founded, Kester Black, as an evolution....

Ally Watson: Code for Community

23 Aug 2017

Ally Watson is a developer, computer science graduate and co-founder of Melbourne’s Code Like a Girl. She appeared on the...

Back yourself in business with Narelle Plapp from Food for Health

22 Aug 2017

Naturopath and entrepreneur Narelle Plapp founded Food for Health in 2005 and has recently launched her second business, Grain &...

Marita Cheng: Build on your passion for success in business

17 Aug 2017

Marita Cheng was the 2012 Young Australian of the Year and is a technology entrepreneur and advocate for women in...

Welcome opportunity to spotlight modern slavery in global supply chains

16 Aug 2017

The goods and services enjoyed by Australians should not be produced by people in other countries working under slavery-like conditions....

John Hart moves to Executive Chair of Australian Chamber – Tourism

15 Aug 2017

Well known industry figure John Hart has been appointed as Executive Chair of Australian Chamber – Tourism. 

International Tourism is the stand out performer in job generation

15 Aug 2017

Tourism is confirmed as the unsung hero of the Australian economy with record international visitor numbers in year to June...

Don’t forget small businesses in retail power talks

09 Aug 2017

Today’s discussions with energy retailers must not forget small business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

Senate bravely reaffirms the rule of law in the building industry

09 Aug 2017

Senators have helped ensure communities throughout Australia can benefit from on time and on budget construction of hospitals, government and...

10 tips for reducing winter safety risks

07 Aug 2017

Working in winter is just part of the job for plumbers, but the cold temperatures, wet weather and shorter daylight...

Hotel industry giving young people a go

01 Aug 2017

Alana Matheson | Senate Inquiry – Defence and Trade inquiry into Adopting a Modern Slavery Act in Australia

01 Aug 2017

Opening statement to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and...

Business leaders gather to push for policies to drive prosperity

28 Jul 2017

Business leaders from across all sectors of the economy and from all parts of the country gathered in Brisbane on...

Business leaders call for action on energy prices

28 Jul 2017

High energy costs are a crisis for Australian businesses, business leaders meeting in Brisbane said today. The General Council of...

National University of Singapore wins first prize

24 Jul 2017

In July, ICC Australia held its biggest educational event with 14 university teams from the Asia Pacific region competing around...

Students need to be better informed about employment outcomes from higher education

24 Jul 2017

The Government’s Higher Education Reforms must be matched with better information available to students about employment outcomes, the Australian Chamber...

Jenny Lambert | Senate Inquiry – Higher Education Reform Bill

24 Jul 2017

Opening Statement to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee inquiry into the Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (A More...

Protectionism represents a risk to Australia

20 Jul 2017

The Productivity Commission has issued a timely warning of the national and global risks of protectionism, the Australian Chamber of...

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology can give your business the edge

17 Jul 2017

Leah Bunny is the Founder of Carousel Creative, Virtual Soup and Co-Founder of Real World VR. She spoke at the...

Employers welcome moves to reduce superannuation red tape

14 Jul 2017

Fixing the administrative difficulties employers face when paying superannuation will improve compliance, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said...

Business welcomes COAG progress on energy

14 Jul 2017

Energy ministers have taken positive steps towards addressing the national energy crisis, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said...

Households and businesses paying for energy policy mess

13 Jul 2017

The COAG Energy Council must act to achieve price reductions across the energy market and ensure the reliability and security...

Anti-jobs initiative rejected by the Fair Work Commission

05 Jul 2017

The Fair Work Commission has today rejected a union claim that would have discouraged the hiring of new part-time and...

Skilled visas review strikes the right balance

30 Jun 2017

Sunday pay set to rise for retail and hospitality workers

29 Jun 2017

Sunday pay for employees on retail and hospitality awards will increase from this weekend, with the impact of the annual...

Census shows why we need to plan ahead

28 Jun 2017

Australia’s population is continuing to grow rapidly, the latest Census data has confirmed, demonstrating why we need to plan carefully...

Australians urged to ‘think small’ on day to honour SMEs

27 Jun 2017

Australians are encouraged to “think small” today by supporting their local enterprises in order to celebrate the inaugural international day...

School funding settled, we now need to focus on standards

23 Jun 2017

The Federal Government should be congratulated for getting its landmark school funding changes through the Parliament and now all sides...

Flying high: Emerging drone and AI technology is changing our world

21 Jun 2017

Dr Catherine Ball, ‘Dame of Drones’, works on global projects involving the non-military use of drones, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence...

Blogging for business: increase visibility and enhance your digital presence

19 Jun 2017

Lucy Cornes is the founder of digital publishing and content creation platform She Shopped. She appeared at the Mobile-ising Women...

Tailwinds give manufacturers reasons to smile

15 Jun 2017

Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends: June 2017 quarter

Australian Chamber represents employers on the world stage

14 Jun 2017

The Australian business community will play a stronger role in international debates over employment and workplace relations policy with the...

Beacon technology illuminating the path to the future

13 Jun 2017

The smartphone and the connectivity afforded us by the internet have had an inestimable impact on our lives and continue...

Small businesses need support, not a wage hike

13 Jun 2017

At a time when energy prices are surging, consumers are anxious about a possible housing bubble and a major foreign...

Finkel Review set to press reset button on power

09 Jun 2017

The Finkel Review offers a chance to reset Australia’s approach to power supply and allow all sides of the debate...

Continuing apprenticeships decline reinforces the need for action

09 Jun 2017

Jenny Lambert statement to the Senate Standing Committee on Education and Employment

09 Jun 2017

Statement to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee Inquiry into Corporate Avoidance of the Fair Work Act

Wage decision risks hours and jobs

06 Jun 2017

The significant increase in the minimum wage and award rates announced today risks the job prospects of vulnerable people in...

Penalty rates transition means benefits will take longer to flow

05 Jun 2017

Today’s decision by the Fair Work Commission to apply an extended phasing in of penalty rates changes means it will...

US withdrawal from climate agreement underlines importance of domestic certainty

02 Jun 2017

The United States’ decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement underlines the importance of ensuring our own climate policies...

Medical entrepreneurs: Transforming scientific discoveries into commercial products

30 May 2017

Developing and launching a product is a challenge for any innovator, but when it’s a medical product for use on...

Small businesses cannot afford big increase to minimum wage

24 May 2017

Australia has high wages and high living standards. Our minimum wage is one of the highest in the world. To...

Small Businesses Cannot Afford Big Increase to Minimum Wage | Fairfax Media, May 2017

24 May 2017

Australia has high wages and high living standards. Our minimum wage is one of the highest in the world. To...

Richard Lindsay to lead Australian Chamber – Tourism

22 May 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Lindsay as the Manager of...

Regional and rural Australia needs jobs, not flawed analysis on penalty rates

16 May 2017

Budget takes steps forward – and back

12 May 2017

Ahead of this year’s Federal Budget we encouraged people to look beyond the impact on their personal situation and think...

Labor offers ideas but little to curb spending

11 May 2017

Tonight’s Budget Reply speech by Bill Shorten offers some policy ideas for the future but makes little headway on the...

Budget delivers some pain for tourism businesses

09 May 2017

Australian tourism businesses are disappointed that government funding to Tourism Australia is set to fall, hurting efforts to attract more...

Budget’s path to surplus needs to better tackle spending

09 May 2017

Tonight's Federal Budget takes steps towards making government programs more sustainable while offering welcome support to small businesses so they...

The questions we should all ask on Budget Night

05 May 2017

When Treasurer Scott Morrison hands down the Budget next week, we will all be keen to know what it means...

Empowering Women to Become Breadwinners

02 May 2017

What if women in regional South Africa were helped to become bakers, installing a wood-fired oven at home, getting training...

Innovative conference bringing women in business to the frontline of technology

02 May 2017

Hundreds of female entrepreneurs and business owners from across South Australia will gather at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Tuesday...

Australian Chamber welcomes horizontal fiscal equalisation review

30 Apr 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes Treasurer Scott Morrison’s announcement of a Productivity Commission review into Australia’s system of...

Employers mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work

28 Apr 2017

World Day for Safety and Health at Work today is an important opportunity for employers, employees and governments to think...

Statement on gas policy

27 Apr 2017

James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Budget to explain “good and bad” debt | AAP, April 2017

27 Apr 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry boss James Pearson welcomed the treasurer's decision to differentiate the two types of debt....

A different way of working at Big Wave Digital

26 Apr 2017

Keiran Hathorn, Director of digital, data and technology recruitment company 'Big Wave Digital', talks about how a flexible approach to...

Sharing the facts about Australian trade

21 Apr 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is today joining with other leading business groups to share key facts on...

Fresh ideas fruitful for business success: Edible Blooms

20 Apr 2017

Kelly Jamieson established her business ‘Edible Blooms’ when she was in her mid-twenties, and was recently inducted into the Her...

Migration changes will help build community support

20 Apr 2017

Australian businesses rely on access to skilled workers from abroad to fill local shortfalls, but the success of the skilled...

Australian Chamber Business Breakfast with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP

19 Apr 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed an Australian Chamber business breakfast in Canberra, to explain changes to migration policy. 

Migration changes will help make system sustainable

18 Apr 2017

The restructuring of Australia’s temporary skilled migration program announced by the Federal Government today will help to build public confidence...

Alana Matheson | Statement to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry into Fair Work Amendment (Repeal of 4 Yearly Reviews and Other Measures) Bill

18 Apr 2017

Recommendations on payment terms deserve support

12 Apr 2017

The proposal by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman for practical measures to improve payment terms deserves support by...

Wishing all Australians a happy, healthy and safe Easter

12 Apr 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry wishes a happy, healthy and safe Easter to all Australians, including business operators...

In the business of giving

06 Apr 2017

Emily McWaters used her entire savings – $10,000 – to buy her first business when she was still in her...

What does manufacturing look like in 21st century Australia?

03 Apr 2017

There aren’t many issues on which more than four in five Australians agree, but Australia’s manufacturing future is one of...

Tax cut will help SMEs generate jobs but need for broader cut remains

31 Mar 2017

Hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia will be better able to invest, grow and create jobs...

‘Excessive’ rise in minimum pay tipped to lengthen dole queues | The Australian, March 2017

30 Mar 2017

Digital Discoverability: Make the most of your business presence online

29 Mar 2017

Today, the number one method Australians use to find a business is to search for it online. Is your business...

Penalty rates decision strikes the right balance

29 Mar 2017

As the public debate rages over penalty rates, it appears the truth is being clouded by misinformation, some of it...

Fairness must be at heart of Annual Wage Review

29 Mar 2017

The Fair Work Commission should deliver an Annual Wage Review outcome that is fair for jobseekers, employees and small businesses...

Australian business welcomes Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

27 Mar 2017

The visit to Australia this week of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang provides a golden opportunity to strengthen economic ties between...

Company tax cut should flow to all businesses

27 Mar 2017

Reducing the company tax rate for businesses of all sizes will deliver the greatest benefit to jobs and investment by...

Australia risks its global influence unless we boost competitiveness

27 Mar 2017

Australia needs to take action to strengthen its competitiveness as other countries strengthen theirs, otherwise we risk declining global influence,...

Australia’s global economic influence at risk: ACCI warns | The Australian, March 2017

27 Mar 2017

Australia’s global influence will be put at risk unless action is taken...

Australia should enhance competitiveness to eliminate risk of losing global influence | International Business Times, March 2017

27 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has called for making...

Tradie crisis looms if more Australians don’t take up an apprenticeship | A Current Affair, March 2017

24 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling on the government...

Business bids to keep company tax reforms on table | The Australian, March 2017

24 Mar 2017

“Tax cuts for small businesses are welcome, and the proposed tax cuts for larger businesses in ­future years will encourage...

Appointment of Peter Anderson to the Fair Work Commission

23 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry congratulates Peter Anderson on his appointment today as a Deputy President of the...

Turnbull government appoints business leaders to ‘partisan’ Fair Work Commission | The Australian Financial Review, March 2017

23 Mar 2017

The Turnbull government has appointed three new members with business backgrounds to the workplace...

2017 Communications Summit Presentations

21 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber Communications Summit, held last Friday in Melbourne, brought together the communications staff from across our network to...

Time for action on corrupting payments

20 Mar 2017

Government action to combat corrupting payments between employers and unions will strengthen the integrity of Australia’s workplace relations system and...

Secure energy with lower emissions can be achieved

17 Mar 2017

Australia can achieve the twin objectives of a secure energy system and lower carbon emissions through putting in place sensible...

Results strong and expectations positive for manufacturers

16 Mar 2017

Australia’s manufacturers have posted a third straight quarter of improved performance, buoyed by strength in new orders, output, overtime and...

Coalition of business groups calls for decisive action to rescue Australia’s ailing apprenticeship system

14 Mar 2017

JOINT STATEMENT Australia’s peak business organisations have united to call on governments...

Penalty rates decision – Sunday and holiday pay still respectable

06 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today released indicative figures outlining the impact of changes to Award penalty rates...

Penalty rate reduction will help small businesses to create jobs

28 Feb 2017

Small business operators from across Australia have spoken loud and clear – reducing penalty rates will allow them to hire...

Parliament needs to respect umpire’s decision on penalty rates

24 Feb 2017

Parliament should reject calls for the overturning of yesterday’s Fair Work Commission decision on penalty rates, respect the integrity of...

Resilience and adaptability: Technology enables survival of the fittest in business

23 Feb 2017

Michelle Melbourne is Co-Founder and Executive Director at Intelledox and appeared on the Entrepreneurs and Innovation panel at the Canberra...

Trade Facilitation Agreement will create jobs in Australia and abroad

23 Feb 2017

The Trade Facilitation Agreement that has now come into force could support the creation of 20 million jobs worldwide, including...

Penalty rates reduction will help to create jobs

23 Feb 2017

Today’s decision from Australia’s independent Fair Work Commission delivers important reductions in excessive penalty rates that will help retail and...

Time for strong headway on Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership

23 Feb 2017

Business groups from Indonesia and Australia have gathered in Canberra this week to support officials from the two nations engaged...

Budget ideas to build on our tourism export success

16 Feb 2017

Australia is attracting record numbers of international visitors and needs to continue to invest in tourism initiatives in order to...

Alana Matheson address to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

16 Feb 2017

Inquiry into Freedom of Speech in Australia | Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

Senators should resist union intimidation on the Building Code

15 Feb 2017

Parliamentarians should stand up to construction union intimidation by supporting changes to require all businesses seeking Government-funded work to comply...

Technology and the intergenerational workforce: transforming business with Holly Ransom Part 2

13 Feb 2017

No risk to budget from company tax cut, analysis shows

13 Feb 2017

Government revenue from company tax has continued to rise during previous cuts to the company tax rate, adding to confidence...

Company tax rate cut won’t hurt revenue: ACCI | The Australian Financial Review, February 2017

12 Feb 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it has examined tax...

Technology and the intergenerational workforce: transforming business with Holly Ransom Part 1

10 Feb 2017

Holly Ransom, Emergent CEO, was one of the keynote speakers at the...

Clean coal, the PM and the market

09 Feb 2017

In his address to the National Press Club last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull put energy security front-and-centre on the...

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

08 Feb 2017

Leadership and culture. They are the two most important words in work...

Changes to Building Code implementation are welcome

08 Feb 2017

The Government’s proposed changes to the implementation of the Building Code will help to restore the rule of law to...

Futureproofing Australia: The challenge for this year’s Budget

03 Feb 2017

This year’s Federal Budget offers an opportunity to futureproof Australia against economic shocks from at home and abroad, the Australian...

Video: Better business with vision

02 Feb 2017

The trend worldwide is an increasing use of video to communicate online, especially through social media. Having video on your...

PM’s reforms can create jobs and improve competitiveness

01 Feb 2017

The Prime Minister has outlined a suite of policy reforms that have the potential to create jobs and improve Australia’s...

Business welcomes Opposition Leader’s focus on jobs and skills

31 Jan 2017

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is right to focus his energies on helping more Australians get a job, including through strengthening...

Let’s wait for the umpire’s decision on penalty rates

25 Jan 2017

All sides of the workplace relations debate should wait for the Fair Work Commission’s decision on penalty rates before starting...

Digital tools mean global opportunities for local business

25 Jan 2017

Robyn Hendry, CEO of the Canberra Business Chamber, talks about the pervasiveness of digital technology in our lives and how...

James Pearson on ABC News 24

24 Jan 2017

The benefits to Australia of trade deals come when we lower our own barriers to make it easier for us...

Watson critique shows why we need workplace reform to boost jobs

23 Jan 2017

Graeme Watson’s letter resigning from the Fair Work Commission demonstrates once again that our workplace relations system needs to be...

Remember the fair go if you want to take a long weekend

23 Jan 2017

Employees keen to use Australia Day to kick-off a four-day weekend are reminded to apply for annual leave for next...

We can go unilateral on trade

19 Jan 2017

As Donald Trump takes office, debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership has flared. While Australian leaders exchange barbs over trade, we...

Internships help young people gain valuable job experience

18 Jan 2017

Internships play an important role in connecting young people with employers and giving them the skills they need for the...

Australian Chamber welcomes ministerial appointments

18 Jan 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has congratulated Senator Arthur Sinodinos on his appointment as Minister for Industry, Innovation...

Second-tier cities key to unclogging our future

13 Jan 2017

We need to commit to transport infrastructure that will unclog congestion. Australia’s population is projected to reach 30.5 million by...

Scott Barklamb to join the Australian Chamber

12 Jan 2017

Experienced workplace relations practitioner Scott Barklamb has this week joined the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as our Director...

James Pearson on ABC News

04 Jul 2016

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO James Pearson on ABC News discussing the business community's response to the 2016...

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