Power of innovation in deregulation reform

21 Nov 2019 |

The newest deregulation reform unveiled by the Coalition Government is a welcome initiative which will start to relieve unnecessary burden on business, particularly small and medium enterprises.

Australian small businesses are currently struggling with excessive and outdated systems which stymie growth in the digital age.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive James Pearson said improvements to the design of business registers and trade systems as well as access to information were key to catching up to digital innovation.

“The current systems involved in importing and exporting goods for Aussie businesses are a great example of where we’ve been left far behind.

“Replacing the paper system with a digital one is a no-brainer and will go a long way to helping food exporters move their product faster. For consumers it also means access to fresher product.

“We also know from our members that starting a business and trying to hire people has become a tangle of confusing checklists and forms.

“We want to encourage people to become entrepreneurs, not discourage them, so we are looking forward to the new online service which will help them to get on with the job of starting and growing a business.”

In September, ACCI was delighted to announce it would assist the Coalition’s Deregulation Taskforce, following the secondment of ACCI’s Director of Trade and International Affairs Bryan Clark to the working group.

As ACCI’s chief expert on trade, Mr Clark was appointed to advise on operational opportunities slash red tape for Australian food exporters.

“It’s been an absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to contribute to the work of the taskforce and to bring some private sector views to the consideration of deregulation,” Mr Clark said.

He will return to his role at ACCI next week, following announcement of the reforms.

“ACCI and its members continue to be well placed to assist the Government in offering up real solutions for deregulation. Yesterday we came together with members of Government and industry experts to discuss the race to integrate emerging technologies with trade,” Mr Pearson said.

“Thanks to Bryan and his team, we were able to facilitate powerful discussions on how to bridge the gap between innovation and legislation and we will continue to strive to lead these essential debates, for the advancement of Australian businesses.”

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