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International Visitors Survey highlights Tourism as Economic and Jobs Powerhouse

19 Jul 2018

The latest International Visitors Survey for year ending March 2018 reflects an impressive increase of 6% in spend to $42.3...

Jobs growth welcomed by Australian Chamber

19 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed Australia’s strongest jobs growth in seven months, with 51,000 jobs created...

Australian Chamber welcomes new Australian Made CEO

19 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes Ben Lazzaro’s appointment to Chief Executive Officer of Australian Made. “The Australian...

Cooperation Not Militancy The Way Forward On Industrial Relations

18 Jul 2018

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Congress missed an important opportunity this week to show that unions understand what...

New Labor proposal threatens competitive labour hire arrangements

17 Jul 2018

The Federal Opposition’s plan to increase labour hire regulation risks undermining the flexibility and competitiveness of Australia’s workforce, the Australian...

New statistics highlight strong growth in Australian tourism market

17 Jul 2018

New figures on overseas arrivals and departures released today, reinforce the success of the Industry led ‘Beyond 2020’ tourism strategy, Australian...

ACCC call for lower energy costs welcomed by Australian Chamber

11 Jul 2018

“The Australian Chamber has long argued prices simply must come down,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson, said today.

Workplace Relations System Should Work Better For Small Business

06 Jul 2018

“Working Better for Small Business” a new report commissioned and released by the Fair Work Commission today, highlights some of...

Australian Chamber Responds to Labor Tax Policy Repeal

29 Jun 2018

Today’s decision by the Opposition Leader and his leadership team to back tax cuts for businesses up to $50million turnover...

Australian Chamber welcomes accession to multilateral government procurement agreement

29 Jun 2018

"Australia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)...

Labor Tax Policy – “A Kick In The Guts For SMEs”

26 Jun 2018

“This is a kick in the guts for over ten thousand businesses employing over one million workers who now see...

New Fair Work Ombudsman welcomed by the Australian Chamber

22 Jun 2018

"The Australian Chamber congratulates Sandra Parker PSM, on her appointment as Australia’s new Fair Work Ombudsman", Australian Chamber of Commerce...

Better communication essential to improving Work Health & Safety outcomes for Small Business

22 Jun 2018

“We are calling on respective Federal, State & Territory WHS Ministers and...

Domestic travel key contributor to the economy: Survey

20 Jun 2018

Strong growth in domestic overnight travel reinforces domestic tourism’s contribution to the Australian economy, Australian Chamber-Tourism, Australia’s peak body for...

Australian Chamber welcomes national inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

20 Jun 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the announcement today by the Australian Human Rights...

Superannuation amnesty – Giving everyone a fair go

14 Jun 2018

An amnesty announced by the Federal Government to allow employers who have missed superannuation payments to catch up, so affected...

Australian Chamber – Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends Q2 2018

12 Jun 2018

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, James Pearson said “We welcome the ongoing overall outlook...

Action on apprenticeships at last

08 Jun 2018

With VET funding levels down and apprenticeship numbers only just starting to climb up from rock bottom, it is vital...

Collaboration key to strengthening the Economy

04 Jun 2018

Stronger profits are driving jobs and wage growth in data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today. However the...

Increase to Minimum Wage Puts Jobs in Small Business At Risk

01 Jun 2018

New Tools to Revolutionise International Trade

29 May 2018

PwC Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Port of Brisbane have collaborated to develop a ‘Trade...

C’MON AUSSIE C’MON: 19th place is not good enough: reform needed to reclaim Australian competitiveness

24 May 2018

Australia’s rise from 21st to 19th place in the International Institute for...

ACTU Wrong on Job Security

21 May 2018

The latest claims by the ACTU that 40% of Australians are in insecure work are false and misleading, the Australian...

Labor’s Approach to Budget and Fiscal Policy – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry response

17 May 2018

The Labor Party’s recognition of the need to pay down debt and...

Information key to future of Higher Education

16 May 2018

2017 Student Experience Survey provides much-needed insights into the experience of students in our higher education system and serves as...

Australian Chamber welcomes Government’s response to China’s draft cyber supervision laws

10 May 2018

We encourage trade and investment with China that embraces the modern digital...

Some Good News In Budget for Tourism

08 May 2018

Measures in the Federal Budget 2018 that support tourism growth are welcomed by Australian Chamber - Tourism, including investments in...

Heading In The Right Direction – But More Ambition Needed

08 May 2018

Overall this is a positive budget – but it leaves Australia more exposed than we would like to any deterioration...

Budget 2018 should be about more than tax & the next election

03 May 2018

Employers will look beyond the headlines on tax when assessing next week’s Federal Budget.

Business rejects ACTU’s attempt to scapegoat temporary migrants

03 May 2018

The leading voice of business in Australia rejects the ACTU’s attempt to scapegoat temporary migrants, and stoke the politics of...

Australian Chamber welcomes US steel tariff exemption

01 May 2018

The decision by the US Government to exempt Australia from its steel and aluminium tariffs is welcomed by the Australian...

Cooperation not litigation is the key to productive workplaces

01 May 2018

The Labor Party’s proposal to give the Fair Work Commission more powers would see unions applying for orders to compel...

Time for the ACTU to face facts

27 Apr 2018

It’s time for the ACTU to get real. It’s time to set some facts straight.

Apprentice health and safety to take centre stage on World WHS day

27 Apr 2018

Saturday, 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and Workers’ Memorial Day.

Australian Chamber supports push to simplify workplace relations

27 Apr 2018

Australian Chamber welcomes recognition the Australian workplace relations system is too complex by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise...

Labor should not let unions choose their own regulators

21 Apr 2018

Today’s report in The Australian newspaper that Labor would abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and reinstate the...

COAG: NEG makes its way towards the starting line – but action needed now

20 Apr 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the decision of the COAG Energy Council to progress development of the detailed design of the...

ACTU wage claim shirtfronts small business & slams the door on jobseekers

19 Apr 2018

The ACTU’s claim that a 7.2% minimum wage rise will create tens of thousands of new jobs shirtfronts the small...

Australian Chamber welcomes decision to lift fracking ban in Northern Territory

17 Apr 2018

The decision to lift the ban on fracking in the Northern Territory has been welcomed by the Australian Chamber of...

Calls to cut temporary work visa numbers play on unfounded fears

16 Apr 2018

Inflating concerns around temporary work visa numbers is a cynical move by the ACTU to play on unfounded fears that...

Business worried by falls in migration

13 Apr 2018

"Over the last five years business has watched, with increasing dismay, both Labor and Coalition governments tighten the screws on...

Australian Chamber Calls On ACTU To Fix Enterprise Bargaining – Not Destroy It

12 Apr 2018

Today the Australian Chamber calls on the unions to work with business to fix the enterprise bargaining system, not destroy...

Australian Chamber supports Frydenberg’s common-sense approach to energy

11 Apr 2018

"Minister Frydenberg's comments in his National Press Club address reflect the overwhelming desire of business for a common-sense approach to...

ACTU policy package – “A recipe for disaster”

21 Mar 2018

The ACTU’s proposed policy package and its war against employers is a recipe for disaster not supported by the facts.

Tourism continues to grow as economic powerhouse

14 Mar 2018

The status of tourism as a powerhouse in the Australian economy has been reinforced by the positive growth trend of...

Labor’s new instant tax write-off policy welcomed by Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

13 Mar 2018

Federal Labor Opposition commitment to allow all businesses to immediately deduct 20...

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls for 1.9% increase in minimum and award wages

13 Mar 2018

The positive growth trend of international visitors to Australia reflected in the...

Australian first for International Chamber of Commerce

13 Mar 2018

Australian Chamber congratulates Mr John Denton on his appointment as the ICC Secretary General

ACTU risks damaging small business and employment through excessive wage demands

12 Mar 2018

ACTU risks damaging small business and employment through excessive wage demands.

Truth and small businesses are the first casualties of the ACTU’s latest war on business

11 Mar 2018

Calling out the ACTU on its latest scare campaign against Australian business.

Australia gets US steel tariff exemption

11 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the announcement that Australia will be exempt from the proposed US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Employer Associations again urging caution with publication of ISO 45001

09 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is again urging businesses to wait for a decision from Standards Australia’s Technical...

Lopsided economy needs policy action

07 Mar 2018

An inconvenient truth is still the truth

06 Mar 2018

“The ACTU is deliberately cherry-picking outdated data to argue a misleading case,” said CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

The Australian Chamber welcomes new Deputy Prime Minister

26 Feb 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the elevation of Michael McCormack as the new Leader of the National Party...

National education inquiry welcomed

23 Feb 2018

Announcement to commit to establishing a national inquiry into all post-secondary education in Australia is welcomed by the Australian Chamber...

Business welcomes continued wages growth

21 Feb 2018

ABS seasonally adjusted quarterly figures for wage growth released today show a rise. CEO of the Australian Chamber James Pearson...

Australia must maintain independently set, balanced minimum wages

20 Feb 2018

Today’s comments from the federal Opposition underscore the critical importance of maintaining truly independent minimum wage setting through the Fair...

Graduate Outcomes provide key guidance for “Want-to-be” university students

26 Jan 2018

Intending higher education students should read the 2017 Graduate Outcomes Survey released...

Tourism Works for Australia

19 Jan 2018

“Although the number of tourism and hospitality workers is higher in some electorates compared to others, the analysis demonstrates that...

Independent report shows value in a new pricing structure for the National Electricity Market

18 Jan 2018

Research commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has shown...

The future starts now: businesses challenged to get to grips with the changing workforce

17 Jan 2018

Australia’s top business body is tapping global expertise to help local businesses...

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