JobKeeper changes needed to prop up employment

07 Aug 2020 |

Hundreds of thousands of people will hold on to their jobs as a result of changes to JobKeeper 2.0 announced by the Federal Government overnight.

ACCI CEO James Pearson said the Federal Government had heard the concerns of people in business over the eligibility requirements for JobKeeper 2.0

“Within hours of July’s JobKeeper 2.0 announcement ACCI and our members identified two issues which needed to be addressed.

“The first was the need for businesses to show they would meet the downturn threshold in each quarter to be eligible. Many had started to trade out of the June quarter as restrictions eased but were forced back into shutdown within weeks.

“We saw a brief uptick in sales in some industries due to the instant asset write off scheme, superannuation funds being released and hospitality reopening – but this recovery was short-lived for many businesses.

“ACCI also made the case to Government for shifting the date of eligible employees from March to July. The trading restart in May and June saw new employees join the books, if only for a matter of weeks before being stood down again.

“Despite these changes, as in the original JobKeeper, this revision will not provide help to every business that is struggling, and we will continue to work with Government on ways that jobs and businesses can receive the support needed.

“But there is no doubt that these latest changes will save jobs that were sure to be lost as a result of revenue slumping in the face of Victoria’s lockdown and tighter border restrictions in the virus’ second wave.

“Our thoughts are with the many struggling businesses and their workers; and today the government has shown its willingness to supply the support needed to help get us through this crisis confronting us all.”

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Senior Adviser - Media

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