Our Policy Principles:

Better focus of employment services in understanding and satisfying the needs of employers.

Achieve increased workforce participation and diversity through promoting and investing in positive programs such as Employ Outside the Box and UN Women’s Empowerment Principles.

Continue to pursue stronger policies that improve the transition for young people from education to work including a well-designed Youth Jobs PaTH program.

Support mutual obligation requirements in the welfare system, and promote work as the best option.

Improve access to better and affordable child care by targeting subsidies for lower income earners and providing options for others through subsidies for nannies, new visas for au pairs and HECS-HELP style loans to parents during the years of maximum child care costs.

Emphasise the importance of developing career skills and an informed market, including the need for life long access to information and advice which is industry informed.

Encourage greater collaboration between Federal and State/Territory Governments so that employment assistance programs are better coordinated.

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