Only industry base rates of pay should be retained in awards as part of a modernised safety net, with parties able to adopt additional terms and conditions of employment by agreement.

Our Policy Objectives:

  • Regulation that delivers the broadest possible range of options to participate in work and accommodates increasingly diverse needs and preferences.
  • Effective recognition of rights to engage in contracting and labour hire.
  • Freedom of choice in how individuals and businesses structure their relationships.
  • No unwarranted external interference in lawfully contracted relationships.

Our Policies:

  • Australians should be free to supply goods and services, including their labour.
  • The freedom of business to engage contractors and to on-hire should be enshrined and protected at law.
  • Freedom of choice should be promoted and respected.
  • There should be no scope to deem or declare contractors as employees contrary to the agreed intentions of the parties.

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