The Australian work health and safety regulatory environment is complex and not appropriately scaled to the realities of our small businesses

The Australian Chamber and our members consistently inform regulatory agencies that a “one-size-fits-all’ approach in regards to WHS regulation or implementation does not, and is not working. Regulation design and delivery is ignoring the unique needs and characteristics of small businesses.

We have launched the Part and Parcel – Working with small biz; it’s in the delivery campaign to draw attention to the fact that outputs from government agencies are not fit for purpose for small business.

We want them to know that it is not so much the regulations themselves, but the ability of SME owners and managers to identify and translate regulation into your own context and then, assistance in implementing it.

Support for SMEs should not be through an avalanche of additional guidance materials, or shortened or ‘dumbed down’ documents.




We want you to be a public voice and share your stories with us and on social media. We want to together, help enhance the health and safety of employers and employees in SMEs by being a voice for change in WHS regulatory practices.

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