Australia’s education and training system is well regarded, but it needs to become more efficient so it can continue to deliver the skills needed by a modern economy.

It is important that policy relating to education and training addresses the system holistically, rather than in silos. The layers of the system are merging. More schools have preschools, more schools have VET, upper levels of VET are competing against lower levels of higher education, and employment outcomes require a better approach to training and apprenticeships. Behaviour within each sector is influenced by funding changes and different regulatory approaches, which needs to be well managed and coordinated to minimise negative consequences.

Across the whole system, there is a need to:

  • More clearly identify the respective roles and responsibilities of federal and state governments.
  • Have an integrated plan for facilitating stronger industry engagement.
  • Reduce the administrative complexity for employers.
  • Provide relevant and timely information to students, job seekers and workers to improve the outcomes of their choices.
  • Develop a strong evidence based approach to labour force analysis and forecasting.
  • Work better with industry sectors to address their specific needs.

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