At a time when many Australian exports are struggling, tourism is booming. At a time of major structural change in employment and investment, Australia needs tourism to continue to grow and employ.

Australian Chamber – Tourism, representing state and territory tourism industry councils and national industry associations with an interest in tourism, has identified a number of key policy initiatives for the government’s consideration in order to maximise the potential of the visitor economy.

Australian Chamber – Tourism advocates for policies that will:

Improve international competitiveness

  • Prioritise improving of the facilitation of passenger movements in and to Australian ports
  • Improve the connectedness between ports and tourism destinations by road and rail to facilitate dispersal
  • Accelerate visa reform, including rapid rollout of streamlined and online visa processes • Reform the Tourist Refund Scheme
  • Lower visa fees
  • Restore Tourism Australia’s funding in real terms

Develop Australian product

  • Reinstate a coordination role around domestic promotion and product development within Tourism Australia to ensure development aligns with strategy
  • Continue funding the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) and the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) programs and expand access to all regional funds to develop infrastructure and drive tourism demand
  • Develop a Visitor Economy Development Fund which includes capacity building as eligible projects
  • Integrate initiatives that build capacity in long term tourism strategies
  • Ensure there is timely, individual, predictive data available to be used to assess and grow the tourism sector

Invest in labour and skills

  • Continue and expand the Working holiday maker program
  • Ensure skilled migration is an available and accessible option for employers
  • Implement a more flexible and accessible temporary skilled labour agreement process
  • Reverse the downward trend in apprentice and trainee numbers
  • Encourage more students to pursue vocational education

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