Only industry base rates of pay should be retained in awards as part of a modernised safety net, with parties able to adopt additional terms and conditions of employment by agreement.

Our Policy Objectives:

  • Rules that facilitate the efficient structuring of working arrangements at the workplace level.
  • Conditions that balance employee protection and the need to increase employment opportunities.
  • Simplified obligations that are easy to follow.
  • Gradual reduction of compulsory content that ultimately leaves only industry base rates of pay as part of a simplified legislated safety net.

Our Policies:

  • Reform the “Modern Awards Objective”.
  • Ensure conditions facilitate flexibility and choice for employers and employees.
  • Reform penalty rates to better accord with contemporary society and consumer preferences, and to better support job creation and enterprise sustainability.
  • Remove restrictions on minimum engagements, roster patterns and part time and casual employment that restrict work opportunities, particularly for young people.

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