Policy Principles:

• Open, productive and competitive markets
• Market-based operations and pricing for government business enterprises
• Easy to follow legal and regulatory compliance requirements
• Research and development policy settings that promote innovation and commercialisation

Our Policies:

Competition reform: All Australian governments should constantly review and reform regulations to remove unnecessary restrictions on competition.
Parallel imports: Restrictions on parallel imports should be removed unless it can be shown that the benefits of the restrictions to the community outweighs the costs, and the objectives of the restrictions can only be achieved by restricting competition.
Government procurement: The Australian government should ensure their policies governing commercial arrangements with the private sector and non-government organisations achieve optimal value for money and enhance national productivity and growth. This includes procurement policies, commissioning, public-private partnerships and privatisation guidelines and processes.
Innovation and R&D: Governments should ensure public innovation and R&D programs are effectively fulfilling their original policy objectives. This includes consideration of how such programs can help or better target small and medium enterprises, improve business and research sector collaboration and encourage commercialisation.

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