Our energy policy objectives:

  • The Australian Chamber calls on federal and state policy makers and regulators to adopt a sense of urgency in dealing with the energy crisis. The business community needs immediate relief and short-term action that will deliver lower energy costs.
  • The affordability and reliability of energy must be at the heart of government policy solutions.
  • Subject to the above, the Australian Chamber supports a long-term, bi-partisan, nationally agreed policy solution to meeting Australia’s emissions reductions commitments. This is in order to guide investment in the electricity generation sector. This policy must help to lower energy costs and ensure reliability.
  • Policy makers and regulators must ensure a reliable, secure and competitive energy sector to facilitate business growth and development.
  • The Chamber supports a fuel-neutral approach to energy, avoiding where possible subsidies and other market distortions.
  • Policy makers and regulators must also streamline the regulatory environment so that industry is not burdened with duplication, inconsistencies and competing aims.
  • Favour innovation and new technologies should be promoted by industry to create secure energy management and greenhouse performance.


Our sustainability policy objectives:

The Australian Chamber recognises and promotes the importance of sustainable development. This is growth that maintains the capacity of society, the economy and the environment to satisfy the needs of current and future generations. Improving transport infrastructure and services to ensure our growing cities are efficient, productive and liveable are key in that regard.

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