Employers in Australia look forward to welcoming you as members of their team. Like many places around the world, Australian business face significant shortages of staff right now. Your skills and capacity will be valued in Australia.

As an initiative of Australian Chamber – Tourism, many employers across the Australian travel, tourism, hospitality, accommodation and events industry are offering to reimburse the visa fees paid by working holiday makers coming to Australia that work for them. The details of the employers are available HERE including background on the businesses, contact details and the conditions under which they will give you back the visa fee you have paid.

If you are looking to come and work in Australia look up the list and see if there is an employer you would like to work for, then contact them and let them know you are coming. They can arrange an interview when you arrive and explain the refund arrangements and, of course, the other conditions of employment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Australia. It is a great place to work and play – enjoy your stay!

View the full list of employers offering visa rebates here

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