In work health and safety, we work to ensure that legislation and guidance takes a practical approach to the emerging area of workplace psychosocial risk. 

The Australian Chamber is a founding member of the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, a national approach by business, community, unions and government. The Alliance provides an opportunity to share good mental health practices in workplaces for the benefit of the community. It supports Australian businesses large and small to create workplaces that are mentally healthy.

Australian Chamber members, including those from large and small organisations across a variety of industries, demonstrate a high level of interest and commitment to employee health and safety, including mental and physical health.

Our members utilise a broad range of strategies as well as targeted mental health initiatives reflective of their capability and resources. These strategies and initiatives occur in a range of areas including:

  • education and awareness raising;
  • peer support and encouraging open communication;
  • healthy lifestyle options;
  • building sense of community;
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); and
  • partnerships with service providers.

In 2014, the Australian Chamber formally partnered with beyondblue in promotion of the HeadsUp campaign, a joint initiative from beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, which has been utilised by a significant number of our Chamber and Industry Association members.

The Alliance’s Heads Up campaign gives individuals and businesses free tools and resources to help them take action, these tools are available here.

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