Indemnity scheme green lights workplace jabs

28 Aug 2021 |

Today the Federal Government has delivered on an indemnity scheme to protect employers who may face costly claims when they facilitate jabs in the workplace. The commitment reduces the risks and uncertainties businesses faced for implementing voluntary vaccination drives.

ACCI has long advocated for indemnity protections so that employers would not be saddled with the costs from a reaction or injury caused by vaccination. We have worked closely with the Australian Medical Association and the Insurance Council of Australia to secure this commitment as respective representatives of the medical profession, medical indemnity insurers and employers.

“We know that as vaccine supply grows, workplace vaccination programs will have an increasingly important role in the national rollout,” chief executive, Andrew McKellar said.

“Many employers had indicated that they are willing to assist and are actively considering workplace vaccination programs however, employers like clinicians raised ongoing concerns about indemnity arrangements to cover administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Businesses are strongly committed to playing their part in promoting the vaccination rollout having indicated that they are willing to assist and are actively considering workplace vaccination programs.

“Turning workplaces into vaccinations hubs will support reaching reopening thresholds, as well as assisting with the booster shot program in 2022.

“The 80 per cent vaccination threshold agreed to by National Cabinet is an ambitious target.  Businesses need all the available options to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“We urge all employers to renew their focus on building the momentum for voluntary take up. Providing information on vaccines, encouraging employees to discuss vaccination with their GP, and facilitating jabs in the workplace now that this scheme is in place.

“Achieving high vaccination rates is our ticket to reopening the economy and getting back to business.

Jack Quail

Media Officer

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