Ensuring Integrity bill too important to abandon

04 Dec 2019 |

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the reintroduction of the Fair Work (Ensuring Integrity No. 2) Bill 2019 into the Parliament this morning.

ACCI CEO James Pearson said small businesses would be encouraged by the Coalition Government’s determination to continue fighting on their behalf.

“This Bill is too important to abandon. We need to fight for vulnerable employees and small business people who continue to face threats of violence and intimidation from a lawless minority within the union movement.

“Australia cannot afford calculated and sustained contempt for our courts and our law; and we cannot ignore the findings of judges and four Royal Commissions.

“Cross-bench Senators now have an opportunity to re-examine this Bill. We encourage them to sit down with the Government and raise their concerns in order for this important piece of legislation to get through.

“We also urge those being targeted by unions not to be swayed by misinformation.”

Marie Hogg

Senior Adviser - Media

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