Double standard on crowds is hurting businesses

11 Jun 2020 |

Business communities across the country are calling out the double standard on restrictions on gathering as protestors set to rally for a second weekend.

ACCI CEO James Pearson said prohibitive caps on the number of people allowed to enter and gather at business premises were “at odds” with the fact that people were now mass gathering in city centres.

“When we have authorities restricting well-controlled businesses from letting in more customers and putting on events – meaning it is not economically viable for many to operate – it’s a confronting double standard.

“Business owners, and the people they employ, are still paying a hefty price for following the rules, and now they have to put up with the sight of others flouting them.

“We must remember that, if businesses fall, so will jobs and our economy.”

Mr Pearson said if there is no increase in the rates of community transmission following last weekend’s protest rallies, businesses would expect the easing of restrictions to accelerate, with particular attention to increasing the number of people able to enter premises, and holding events and gatherings where appropriate controls are in place.

“We should know in just over a week if there is an increase in community transmissions that could be linked to the rallies. It is imperative the leaders at National Cabinet move to ease these binding restrictions if the Chief Health Officers say it is safe to do so.

“If that is the case then we should let Australian businesses get back to work at a capacity that re-builds sustainable enterprises and brings back jobs.”

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