Stand up to workplace abuse

19 Feb 2020 |

Today The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a major campaign calling on the Senate to pass the Ensuring Integrity Bill.

The campaign highlights bullying, threatening behaviour in some Australian workplaces, and deliberate disregard for our laws and courts.

It also corrects misperceptions being put forward by parts of the union movement. Contrary to these claims, the changes will have zero impact on the vast majority of unions and unionists who operate within the law.

But those who ignore the law need to change the way they go about representing their members. Damaging, unlawful conduct cannot be allowed to continue.

ACCI has consistently backed these reasonable and necessary changes since they were first proposed several years ago.

“This is an unapologetically strong campaign, communicating actual conduct and statements being made in our workplaces,” ACCI CEO James Pearson said.

“Workers and small businesses deserve better and it is high time the conduct of some in the union movement is highlighted.

“We encourage the public to visit and to share this campaign and its supporting materials on social media and other traditional channels.

“Finally, we urge the Senate to pass this bill and say no to abuse, threats and intimidation once and for all.”

Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook and share your workplace experiences on the website via Email.

Marie Hogg

Senior Adviser - Media

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