Improving job outcomes for higher ed students

22 Jun 2020 |

In these challenging times, and in the face of the poor unemployment figures released yesterday, realigning the subsidises of higher education degrees towards job needs is a sensible and practical move.

CEO of ACCI James Pearson said: “We have been a vocal advocate for years for students to be made more aware of job outcomes, and adjusting the cost of degrees will provide incentives for students to study courses that better align with the future job market.

“We are pleased this will be done on a subject basis rather than at the degree level as it will strengthen the alignment.

“According to the most recent graduate employment outcomes data, maths degree graduates’ success in finding jobs are well below average. We need to send the signal from the jobs market that maths skills are useful in any occupation, to encourage students across all disciplines to pick up a unit or more in maths.

“It is essential that government and education providers lift their efforts to better inform potential students. Price signals from variations in the price of degrees are often masked by loans.

“Strengthening the relationship between universities and business and prioritising internships and work placements is particularly important. It will prepare people better for life and work after university, and provide valuable networking opportunities and experience.”

ACCI is a founding member of the strategic partnership for Work Integrated Learning and has been working with our peak employer group colleagues and the university sector to increase opportunities for graduates and the businesses that hire them.

“Youth unemployment has been a major challenge for years, including for university graduates, many of whom are not in work or are not working in a graduate level job.  The COVID-19 crisis is making this problem worse. We need to do everything we can to help  graduates to find meaningful work as businesses re-start and our economy recovers.”

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