Australia’s trade dispute resolution nominees

13 Jan 2021 |

International Chamber of Commerce Australia is pleased to announce its thirteen nominees to the international body which arbitrates foreign commercial trade disputes.

Joining the nine continuing Australian members will be four new nominees for the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution),  bringing experience and fresh insight to the Commission. The Commission is ICC’s unique think tank and rule-making body in the field of international dispute resolution, helping to achieve these aims.

In 2021 we welcome new nominees Scott Ellis, Emily Hay, Lucy Martinez, Michael Polkinghorne to the Commission who join current Commission members Andrew Battisson, Bruce Collins, Julia Dreosti, Simon Greenberg, Doug Jones, Bronwyn Lincoln, Andrew Paton, Ana Stanic, Duncan Watson and ICC Court members Jo Delaney and Peter McQueen.

“It is a great honour and privilege for nominees to be a part of the Commission,” ICC Australia’s director Bryan Clark said.

“Worldwide interest to join is very strong and there is a lot of demand to fill Australia’s allocated places. ICC Australia is lucky to have the opportunity here to renew and refresh our membership and I congratulate the four new members on joining.

“We greatly appreciate the level of interest, and we look forward to continuing to receive information from the wider legal community to ensure the ICC system is of the highest calibre possible, so as to best support the wide range of companies involved in international commercial trade by resolving their contract disputes.”

The Commission is a vital international body which ensures efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution, providing useful tools for the conduct of dispute resolution, and producing practical reports and guidelines on legal, procedural and practical aspects of dispute resolution.

The Commission is also involved in the drafting and revision of ICC rules for dispute resolution including the updated ICC Rules of Arbitration and ICC Mediation Rules.

Globally there are more 1,000 members of the Commission from over 92 countries, and Australia is proud to be among them.

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Senior Adviser - Media

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