One Nation is backing Australia’s small businesses

17 Mar 2021 |

As the Senate debates the Omnibus Industrial Relations Bill in the next 24 hours, its decisions will have real impacts, positive or negative.  Failing to pass the amendments and failing to deliver a certain foundation for jobs and recovery will hurt employers, employees and communities.

One Nation’s reported amendments which go to support the Bill have been as a result of exhaustive consultation with both employer and employee groups.

“One Nation has drawn a line in the sand today to defend small businesses and jobs and we thank them for that,” ACCI workplace relations director Scott Barklamb said.

“One Nation understands that small business cannot pay up to six years in double dipping costs to casuals who have already been paid a loading. With businesses at risk, many, many jobs are at risk.”

As expert insolvency body, ARITA, made clear to Federal Ministers and cross bench Senators yesterday, “failure to address these issues will force a significant number of at-risk businesses into insolvency, especially in the current environment, and at the cost of a massive number of jobs that could otherwise be saved”.

Mr Barklamb said: “We also know from a recent Roy Morgan poll that 5.5% of businesses report that they will be forced to close due to adverse court rulings on casual work, and a further 10.5% report un-budgeted for backpay liabilities having a large financial effect”.

“Mum and dad small business operators across the country are looking to cross bench Senators to find out whether their businesses will remain viable, or whether unfair back pay claims will send them to the wall. For many business owners, family homes and decades of work towards retirement risk being lost.

“Job seekers and underemployed people will also be better off if the IR Omnibus Bill gets through with the support of the Senate.

“It’s absolutely confounding to us that the unions would want to see more businesses bankrupt – and more jobs lost.

“One Nation has shown the strength and understanding needed to see this Bill through and reject the intimidation and lies being levelled against them.  We call on all of Parliament to do the same.”

Marie Hogg

Senior Adviser - Media

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