JobKeeper payment will save jobs: ACCI

31 Mar 2020 |

The Federal Government’s unprecedented new JobKeeper payment will save jobs in businesses of all sizes and industries and will maintain crucial employer-employee relationships in the essential recovery phase to come.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO James Pearson said today’s $130 billion package targeted some of the economy’s most damaged businesses.

“Today’s announcement is a game changer when Australia needs it most,” Mr Pearson said.

“Allocating $1500 per fortnight for all employees, from permanent employees to casuals who have been on the books for more than a year, is an effective approach and will stave off imminent job losses.

“Including businesses of all sizes also sends a clear-cut message that not only do all jobs matter, but that small businesses and sole traders are dependent on big businesses and vice versa.

“It should shorten the length of the JobSeeker queue as it is an incentive for businesses to not only think again before letting staff go but also to rehire those already laid off.

“We would now urge every employer who has had to lay someone off due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus, to look hard at their numbers, rethink, and rehire wherever possible.

“Through collaborative efforts with the ACTU and Ai Group, we have also been able to urgently deliver changes to the award system; this means together with today’s announcement, small business employers and employees are starting to have more options to stay in business and retain jobs.

“We’d like to thank the Federal Government for taking a consultative approach to wage subsidies and we’d also like to acknowledge all the support we have received from employer groups, unions and the public for our initial wage subsidy proposal.”

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