COVIDSafe App is Ignition Key to re-start confidence, business & jobs

26 Apr 2020 |

“The COVIDSafe contact app puts the ignition keys to restart our economy and return towards normal community interaction in the hands of all Australians. It allows each one of us to contribute to rebuilding our confidence in social interaction, doing business and going to work” James Pearson, Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said today.

ACCI strongly supports the app and sees it as a way to fast-track the restarting of businesses that have closed and increase the activity of those operating at reduced capacity. The government has been clear that increasing Australia’s ability to contact trace is a pre-condition for relaxing restrictions.

ACCI welcomes the emphasis on, and transparency of, privacy provisions and data protection and hopes this will encourage people to download and use the voluntary app.

Mr. Pearson urged everyone to download and use the voluntary app and asked businesses to encourage their customers, suppliers, and workers to do the same.

“Economic recovery and a path back to our enviable lifestyle depends on the community being able to regain trust and confidence in the social and economic activities that up until a few weeks ago were part of our everyday lives.  Shopping, travelling, sport, visiting friends, and even going into the office have all been curtailed as people have respected social distancing rules.  Sweeping bans on the suburban, regional, interstate, and international travel and attending events have all had a massive impact on all of our lives, as well as on thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

“ACCI encourages people in business and the broader community to download the app and to encourage the people you work with and care for to do the same.  It will help our health workers to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and it will help to re-start and re-build businesses and jobs.”

James Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

P  |  0448 655 000

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