Manage international arrivals based on risk

08 Jan 2021 |

ACCI urges the Federal and state governments to manage international arrivals by the risk they pose to our country, rather than reducing or excluding travellers altogether, following today’s National Cabinet outcomes.

“We need the movement of people, services and goods to continue where it is safe to do so.  Our economic recovery and the many businesses in trade and tourism rely on it,” ACCI’s acting CEO Jenny Lambert said.

“While there are travellers who pose a significant risk to us from many countries, there are a number of countries which are managing COVID well.  We need to be careful not to put all countries and cohorts of travellers in the one basket.

“The decision taken today by National Cabinet to temporarily reduce the International arrivals quarantine caps makes it even more important we find a way to separate out travellers from countries presenting lower risk so that we can maintain our important links to the world.

“It is understandable with new strains of the virus emerging that health authorities are cautiously managing arrivals from those countries where the risk is high.

“At the same time, we have demonstrated by allowing travellers from New Zealand to come to Australia without the need for quarantine that this travel can be managed with minimal risk.

“Even with the welcome bringing forward of the vaccine timetable it will be many months before this has a measurable impact on travel patterns.  We can look at other ways of reopening that manages the risk.  This could include dedicating certain airports to take only lower risk arrivals and putting in place bespoke quarantine arrangements that are proportionate to that risk, such as we have done for seasonal workers from the Pacific.

“We also endorse the introduction of pre-travel testing as this adds another tool in risk management, and has been part of our recommendations to government for some months.

“We look forward to working with Government on trialling arrangements that will ensure that we do not shut ourselves off from the world.  We agree with the PM’s observation today that Australia must maintain practical contact to ensure that we maintain the functioning of the nation.”

Marie Hogg

Senior Adviser - Media

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