Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announces dates for Jobs and Skills summit

12 Jul 2022 |

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese yesterday announced the dates for the much anticipated Jobs and Skills summit. Due to be held at Parliament House in Canberra, the Summit will take place on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 September 2022.

Fulfilling an election commitment from the Prime Minister, the summit aims to bring together Australians, including unions, employers, civil society and governments to address shared economic challenges, namely rising inflation and interest rates, falling real wages and the trillion dollar debt.

Prime Minister Albanese announced his commitment to delivering the Jobs and Skills summit to guests at ACCI’s Pre-Election Address in May 2022.

What is the Jobs and Skills Summit?
The Summit sees the fulfilment of an election commitment with the goal of building a “bigger, better-trained and more productive workforce” along with improving living standards and giving Australians more opportunity to get ahead. It will recommend immediate actions and opportunities for medium and long-term reform.

Approximately 100 attendees will be invited to the summit in September.

What’s on the agenda?
The Summit will be led by the Prime Minister and Treasurer with input from all Ministers. Individual Ministers Katy Gallagher, Tony Burke, Clare O’Neil, Amanda Rishworth, Brendan O’Connor and Ed Husic, will lead the following policy areas:

  • Keeping unemployment low, boosting productivity and raising incomes
  • Delivering secure, well-paid jobs and strong, sustainable wages growth
  • Expanding employment opportunities for all Australians including the most disadvantaged
  • Addressing skills shortages and getting our skills mix right over the long-term
  • Improving migration settings to support higher productivity and wages
  • Maximising jobs and opportunities from renewable energy, tackling climate change, the digital economy, the care economy and a Future Made in Australia
  • Ensuring women have equal opportunities and equal pay.

What will be the likely outcome?
Treasurer Jim Chalmers has indicated that the outcomes from discussions during the forum could be implemented as early as the October federal budget.

The themes and outcomes of the summit will inform the full employment white paper which was also an election commitment from the Prime Minister. Led by Treasury, the white paper will help shape the future of Australia’s labour market. Calls for submissions will be made over the next 12 months.

How will ACCI be involved?
Of the approximately 100 people to be invited, representatives from ACCI will attend along with other employer groups, unions, community groups and governments.

ACCI has been in contact with various Minister’s offices and the Treasury about the summit.

Following calls from the Treasurer, ACCI will deliver its own submission to the white paper process and in so doing, will be a strong representative voice brought into the discussion on Australia’s economic challenges.

We will keep you updated as we receive further information.

More information can be found on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website, or on the Treasury website.

Prime Minister Albanese speaks with Andrew McKellar, ACCI CEO and Lyall Gorman, Business NSW President at the Pre-Election Address in May 2022.

Andrew McKellar, ACCI CEO, Lyall Gorman, Business NSW President, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Nola Watson, ACCI President, Dan Hunter, CEO Business NSW at the Pre-Election Address in May 2022.

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