Andrew McKellar interview with Natalie Barr and David Koch, Sunrise on Seven

08 Feb 2022 |

Event: Andrew McKellar interview with Natalie Barr and David Koch, Sunrise on Seven.
Speakers: Andrew McKellar, chief executive Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Natalie Barr and David Koch, co-hosts Sunrise on Seven.
Date: 2 February 2022.
Topics: International tourism, international border reopening, testing requirements for tourists.


Natalie Barr, co-host Sunrise on Seven: Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, Andrew McKellar joins us now. Morning to you, Andrew. Is it good news? Do you welcome this?

Andrew McKellar, chief executive Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Good morning, Nat. Good morning, Kochie. Look, indeed, it’s wonderful news for the tourism industry. It’ll be wonderful to welcome back international tourists and business visitors. I think it’s going to be a very important boost for the economy. We’ve been waiting 704 days for this to happen, but it is great news. Of course, there’s a lot of work that we’ll have to do over the coming weeks to get ready for it but we are looking forward to that moment.

David Koch, co-host Sunrise on Seven: Yeah, how do you get people back from overseas? They’ve been told for two years, it’s fortress Australia, you can’t get in, and it’s a big trip for most of them, isn’t it? They plan well ahead.

Andrew: Absolutely right, Kochie. There will be some work to do. We are going to have to get out there and sell Australia again. We’re going to have to attract people, tell them that we are back open for business. So it’s important that we don’t just rest on our laurels, expect that people are going to be queuing up. I think we’ll have to do some work. As well, of course, we’ve got to work with the airlines, work with the airports, ensure that they are ready and prepared getting those air routes back operating again, as soon as possible.

Natalie: Andrew, some tourism experts say we’ll have to pull something out of a hat here to get people back. Do we do what some countries have done and drop testing requirements?

Andrew: Well, that will have to happen in due course. I mean, there are certainly moves internationally to suggest that IATA, the international aviation body, is pushing for that. Look, I think we’ve got to take this one step at a time opening up to fully vaccinated travellers. I think we’re going to have to take some precautions, but it’s important that we get people in without having to go through quarantine. So look, I think one step at a time. It’s a very welcome first step and the tourism industry is certainly bursting at the seams ready you to go.

David: Yeah, our fourth biggest export and biggest employer. Can’t wait for it to open. Andrew, good to see you. Thank you.

Andrew: Thank you.

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