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Business mood cools but remains positive – survey results reveal

13 Dec 2018

The fourth-quarter results of the Australian Chamber-Westpac survey of Industrial trends, released today, show the outlook for Australian industry remains...

Speech | Annual Dinner Address | President Jeremy Johnson

12 Dec 2018

Australian Chamber President Jeremy Johnson's welcome address at the 2018 Business Leaders Annual Dinner.

Migration works for all of us

11 Dec 2018

“The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes there needs to be a greater focus in the current debate on...

Business welcomes positive jobs growth

15 Nov 2018

“The best way we can reduce underemployment and unemployment is through policy settings that will encourage businesses – large and...


14 Nov 2018

The ACTU is sowing confusion by claiming wages are staying low following the latest wage growth data. The facts are...

Australian Chamber welcomes federal government’s support for small business

14 Nov 2018

"The government's decision to improve access for small businesses to finance is welcome,” James Pearson, Chief Executive of the Australian...

Inflation report highlights need for policy reform

31 Oct 2018

“While overall inflation might be low and certainly lower than the RBA would like, a 20%-plus spike in petrol prices...

Australian Chamber welcomes Senate endorsement of TPP

17 Oct 2018

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the passage of the...

Australian Chamber welcomes Labor support for small business tax cuts

12 Oct 2018

The Federal Opposition’s decision to support the acceleration of tax cuts for small, medium and family sized businesses has been...

Tax cuts the right move by Federal Government

11 Oct 2018

“We urge politicians of all sides who say they are supporters of small business to back the tax cuts being...

Business leaders gather at Parliament House for Business Leaders Summit

18 Sep 2018

“Over the course of the Summit we will bring together Australian Chamber members, political and business leaders, policymakers, regulators, and influencers...

Jobs surge welcomed by Australian Chamber

13 Sep 2018

The Australian Chamber has welcomed news from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today that total jobs surged by 44,000 in August,...

Extension of Instant Asset Write-Down welcomed; more action needed to end business uncertainty

12 Sep 2018

“Small business is the backbone of the country and accelerated depreciation is an...

Survey results reinforce need for policy certainty to boost business

11 Sep 2018

The 3rd quarter results of the Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial trends, released today, show the outlook for Australian Manufacturing...

Stronger economy welcomed by Business

05 Sep 2018

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported today that the economy grew by 0.9% in the June quarter and by 3.4% over...

No time to lose: Business calls for action from new Prime Minister

24 Aug 2018

Australia's largest business lobby group, the Australian Chamber, today congratulates Scott Morrison on his appointment as Prime Minister of Australia,...

Business calls on Government to bring forward legislated tax cuts

22 Aug 2018

“It’s disappointing that the Senate has voted against tax cuts for all businesses, but that must not mean the death...

Australian business and jobs at risk after company tax cut defeat

22 Aug 2018

“Small businesses as well as large businesses, and the people who work for them, have been let down by the...

Jobs and wages figures positive; business challenges remain

16 Aug 2018

As the economy continues to grow, create more jobs and absorb spare capacity in the labour market, we should expect...

ACTU wrong on wages

25 Jul 2018

"It’s wrong for the ACTU to claim the wage setting system is failing working people,” Australian Chamber of Commerce and...

International Visitors Survey highlights Tourism as Economic and Jobs Powerhouse

19 Jul 2018

The latest International Visitors Survey for year ending March 2018 reflects an impressive increase of 6% in spend to $42.3...

Jobs growth welcomed by Australian Chamber

19 Jul 2018

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed Australia’s strongest jobs growth in seven months, with 51,000 jobs created...

Common sense could be the winner from Labor’s backflip on business tax

02 Jul 2018

Many Australian businesses breathed a sigh of relief last Friday when commonsense prevailed amongst the ALP’s leadership team. They backed...

Australian Chamber Responds to Labor Tax Policy Repeal

29 Jun 2018

Today’s decision by the Opposition Leader and his leadership team to back tax cuts for businesses up to $50million turnover...

Australian Chamber – Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends Q2 2018

12 Jun 2018

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, James Pearson said “We welcome the ongoing overall outlook...

Collaboration key to strengthening the Economy

04 Jun 2018

Stronger profits are driving jobs and wage growth in data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today. However the...

Labor’s Approach to Budget and Fiscal Policy – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry response

17 May 2018

The Labor Party’s recognition of the need to pay down debt and...

Heading In The Right Direction – But More Ambition Needed

08 May 2018

Overall this is a positive budget – but it leaves Australia more exposed than we would like to any deterioration...

Budget 2018 should be about more than tax & the next election

03 May 2018

Employers will look beyond the headlines on tax when assessing next week’s Federal Budget.

Australian Chamber welcomes US steel tariff exemption

01 May 2018

The decision by the US Government to exempt Australia from its steel and aluminium tariffs is welcomed by the Australian...

Labor’s new instant tax write-off policy welcomed by Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

13 Mar 2018

Federal Labor Opposition commitment to allow all businesses to immediately deduct 20...

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls for 1.9% increase in minimum and award wages

13 Mar 2018

The positive growth trend of international visitors to Australia reflected in the...

Truth and small businesses are the first casualties of the ACTU’s latest war on business

11 Mar 2018

Calling out the ACTU on its latest scare campaign against Australian business.

Australia gets US steel tariff exemption

11 Mar 2018

The Australian Chamber welcomes the announcement that Australia will be exempt from the proposed US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Lopsided economy needs policy action

07 Mar 2018

An inconvenient truth is still the truth

06 Mar 2018

“The ACTU is deliberately cherry-picking outdated data to argue a misleading case,” said CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce...

It’s time to push the reset button on the business tax debate.

27 Feb 2018

Business welcomes continued wages growth

21 Feb 2018

ABS seasonally adjusted quarterly figures for wage growth released today show a rise. CEO of the Australian Chamber James Pearson...

Prospects for prosperity – Will it be a happy new year for business?

11 Jan 2018

It’s usual to wish friends and family a prosperous New Year. So what are the prospects for prosperity as we...

Time for a good hard look at our whole tax system

21 Dec 2017

“It’s time for a good hard look at our whole tax system,” James Pearson, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian...

Summary of the budget update and response

20 Dec 2017

The Australian Chamber welcomed the improved budget position in this week’s Mid-year Fiscal and Economic Outlook (MYEFO) and Treasurer Scott...

Strong jobs growth continues

14 Dec 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Economist Adam Carr, commenting on today's ABS Labour Force report, said:

Tourism a huge contributor to national economic performance

14 Dec 2017

The Executive Chair of Australian Chamber-Tourism, John Hart, commenting on today’s ABS tourism economic performance figures, said: “It is clear...

Manufacturing outlook remains positive

12 Dec 2017

The outlook for Australian manufacturing continues to be positive, the Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends shows.

Australia’s Economy Gaining Momentum

06 Dec 2017

Today’s national accounts show that the Australian economy is gaining momentum, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

Prime Minister The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, remarks at the Australian Chamber Small Business Roundtable, Parliament House

22 Nov 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speech to the Australian Chamber Small Business Roundtable...

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten address to the Australian Chamber Lunch

14 Nov 2017

The Hon Bill Shorten MP | Leader of the Opposition  Speech to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lunch,...

Bank tax would take South Australia in the wrong direction

01 Nov 2017

Ahead of this evening’s vote in the South Australian Parliament, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and...

Celebrating 50 years of job creation through tourism investment

30 Oct 2017

Australian Chamber - Tourism, the peak national tourism body in Australia, joins Tourism Australia and the Australian Government in celebrating...

Another reminder we need to lock in and extend company tax reductions

28 Sep 2017

Today’s announcements in the US compound the need to act on business tax rates or be left behind, the Australian Chamber...

Australia still outside the top 20 in global competitiveness

27 Sep 2017

It is time to return to the economic reform agenda or we risk being further left behind, the Australian Chamber...

Tourism an Australian economic success story, but our regions missing out on international tourism dollars

20 Sep 2017

Australian Chamber – Tourism welcomes today’s release of the National Visitor Survey...

Construction, infrastructure spending drive manufacturing results

14 Sep 2017

Australia’s manufacturers are benefitting from a strong upswing in public infrastructure spending, with stronger world growth and a relatively low...

Business welcomes moves to stamp out phoenixing

12 Sep 2017

Sensible steps to deter and detect illegal phoenixing will benefit Australian business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has...

Tourist spend at record highs

06 Sep 2017

The latest International Visitor Survey showing that spending by international tourists is at a record high of $40.6 billion further...

Small business to benefit from a better deal on energy

30 Aug 2017

It is a welcome announcement from the Prime Minister that small business will be included in measures to help households...

A reminder to the PM and energy retailers: Don’t forget small business

29 Aug 2017

Small businesses must be in scope at tomorrow’s meeting between the Prime Minister and the big energy retailers, the Australian...

Business leaders gather to push for policies to drive prosperity

28 Jul 2017

Business leaders from across all sectors of the economy and from all parts of the country gathered in Brisbane on...

Households and businesses paying for energy policy mess

13 Jul 2017

The COAG Energy Council must act to achieve price reductions across the energy market and ensure the reliability and security...

Census shows why we need to plan ahead

28 Jun 2017

Australia’s population is continuing to grow rapidly, the latest Census data has confirmed, demonstrating why we need to plan carefully...

Australians urged to ‘think small’ on day to honour SMEs

27 Jun 2017

Australians are encouraged to “think small” today by supporting their local enterprises in order to celebrate the inaugural international day...

Tailwinds give manufacturers reasons to smile

15 Jun 2017

Australian Chamber-Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends: June 2017 quarter

Small businesses need support, not a wage hike

13 Jun 2017

At a time when energy prices are surging, consumers are anxious about a possible housing bubble and a major foreign...

Finkel Review set to press reset button on power

09 Jun 2017

The Finkel Review offers a chance to reset Australia’s approach to power supply and allow all sides of the debate...

Small businesses cannot afford big increase to minimum wage

24 May 2017

Australia has high wages and high living standards. Our minimum wage is one of the highest in the world. To...

Budget takes steps forward – and back

12 May 2017

Ahead of this year’s Federal Budget we encouraged people to look beyond the impact on their personal situation and think...

Labor offers ideas but little to curb spending

11 May 2017

Tonight’s Budget Reply speech by Bill Shorten offers some policy ideas for the future but makes little headway on the...

Budget’s path to surplus needs to better tackle spending

09 May 2017

Tonight's Federal Budget takes steps towards making government programs more sustainable while offering welcome support to small businesses so they...

The questions we should all ask on Budget Night

05 May 2017

When Treasurer Scott Morrison hands down the Budget next week, we will all be keen to know what it means...

Australian Chamber welcomes horizontal fiscal equalisation review

30 Apr 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes Treasurer Scott Morrison’s announcement of a Productivity Commission review into Australia’s system of...

Budget to explain “good and bad” debt | AAP, April 2017

27 Apr 2017

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry boss James Pearson welcomed the treasurer's decision to differentiate the two types of debt....

What does manufacturing look like in 21st century Australia?

03 Apr 2017

There aren’t many issues on which more than four in five Australians agree, but Australia’s manufacturing future is one of...

Tax cut will help SMEs generate jobs but need for broader cut remains

31 Mar 2017

Hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia will be better able to invest, grow and create jobs...

Penalty rates decision strikes the right balance

29 Mar 2017

As the public debate rages over penalty rates, it appears the truth is being clouded by misinformation, some of it...

Company tax cut should flow to all businesses

27 Mar 2017

Reducing the company tax rate for businesses of all sizes will deliver the greatest benefit to jobs and investment by...

Australia’s global economic influence at risk: ACCI warns | The Australian, March 2017

27 Mar 2017

Australia’s global influence will be put at risk unless action is taken...

Business bids to keep company tax reforms on table | The Australian, March 2017

24 Mar 2017

“Tax cuts for small businesses are welcome, and the proposed tax cuts for larger businesses in ­future years will encourage...

2017 Communications Summit Presentations

21 Mar 2017

The Australian Chamber Communications Summit, held last Friday in Melbourne, brought together the communications staff from across our network to...

Results strong and expectations positive for manufacturers

16 Mar 2017

Australia’s manufacturers have posted a third straight quarter of improved performance, buoyed by strength in new orders, output, overtime and...

Coalition of business groups calls for decisive action to rescue Australia’s ailing apprenticeship system

14 Mar 2017

JOINT STATEMENT Australia’s peak business organisations have united to call on governments...

Budget ideas to build on our tourism export success

16 Feb 2017

Australia is attracting record numbers of international visitors and needs to continue to invest in tourism initiatives in order to...

No risk to budget from company tax cut, analysis shows

13 Feb 2017

Government revenue from company tax has continued to rise during previous cuts to the company tax rate, adding to confidence...

Company tax rate cut won’t hurt revenue: ACCI | The Australian Financial Review, February 2017

12 Feb 2017

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it has examined tax...

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