Chambers of commerce are an essential and credible intermediary between government, business and the general public. With a history spanning over 400 years, chambers today exist in almost every country and offer a multitude of programmes and services to support trade and development. WCF unites this dynamic network and represents the interests of local, national, regional, bilateral and transnational chambers of commerce and industry worldwide.

The WCF has 1300+ chamber members from more than 100 countries and territories, 3000+ chambers involved in WCF activities and global outreach and 14000+ number of World Chambers Congress participants.

Why Join the ICC WCF?

When joining the ICC WCF, you become part of the forum that connects chambers across borders, creating a better environment for business and MSMEs, while driving prosperity and opportunity for all.

Joining WCF enables chambers to:

  • Acquire world class status.
  • Expand their network with peers in over 100 countries and with key international organisations.
  • Stay updated on the global challenges and opportunities that chambers are facing worldwide.
  • Improve, develop and digitise trade documentation activities.
  • Be part of the next generation of tailor-made solutions for chambers and small businesses.

Institutional leadership

As a member, Heads of chambers are eligible to take up a leadership position within the World Chambers Federation: ​

  • Propose a candidate and vote at the WCF General Council election​
  • Propose a candidate to chair the WCF Certificates of Origin Council and the World ATA Council​
  • Become eligible as a member of the ICC Executive Board​
  • Pioneer as a founding member of the ICC National committee of your country​
  • Become eligible to lead a WCF Task Force

Download our WCF membership brochure to see all benefits.

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