The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) is a network of national chambers of commerce and industry from 27 countries in Asia and the Western Pacific. CACCI encourages an enterprise-driven culture where new commercial opportunities can be created. The Australian Chamber represents Australia at CACCI.

With a current membership from 27 countries or independent economies, it cuts across national boundaries to link businesses and promote economic growth throughout the Asia-Pacific region. CACCI is a non-governmental organisation that has been granted consultative status under the United Nations.

CACCI’s mission is to provide a platform for promoting the vital role of business in the region, increasing regional business interaction, and enhancing regional economic growth. It achieves this through activities of a number of Product and Service Councils (PSCs) that are organised to promote greater business interaction among CACCI members. They provide the members regular opportunities for identifying and addressing issues affecting their regions, finding solutions to common problems, and working out specific programs to accelerate regional cooperation, particularly in the area of trade, technology transfer, capital flows and the exchange of information.

For more information, visit CACCI website.

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