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19 Jan 2018 |

Australian Chamber-Tourism, the peak national tourism body, has written to all Federal Members of the House of Representatives today highlighting the number of residents in their electorate who work in tourism and hospitality, and seeking their ongoing support to promote tourism growth.

Executive Chair of Australian Chamber – Tourism John Hart said, “Tourism is a huge job generator for Australia, and this benefit is spread across this vast continent. Nothing better illustrates this for our federal politicians than an analysis of how many of the residents and voters in their electorate are employed in tourism and hospitality.”

“Continued support and investment at all levels is necessary to tap the potential of this growth industry to benefit more Australians. We hope Parliamentarians recognise the enormous contribution Tourism and Hospitality makes to their electorates and work with us to grow the industry.”

“Although the number of tourism and hospitality workers is higher in some electorates compared to others, the analysis demonstrates that all electorates benefit from the economic and social dividends that tourism brings.”

A list of the twenty electorates where the highest numbers of tourism and hospitality workers reside is attached.

The full list of employment by electorate is available here.

For more information, contact: 

John Hart
Executive Chair, Australian Chamber – Tourism
0407 554 878

John Hart

Executive Chair, Australian Chamber - Tourism

P  |  0407 554 878

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