Tourism congratulates the new Prime Minister

24 Aug 2018 |

Australia’s peak body of tourism organisations, Australian Chamber-Tourism, today congratulated the Hon Scott Morrison on his appointment as Prime Minister.

Australian Chamber Acting CEO and Director of Tourism, Jenny Lambert said, “Mr Morrison’s background in Tourism will better position the Government to recognise the potential of Tourism as a growth sector, to advance long-term policies that remove obstacles for tourism businesses and improve the appreciation of Australia as a world class destination.”

“We want to work with the government on a long-term vision for Tourism in Australia, and want policy certainty that promotes business confidence and investment in Tourism.

“Our policy priorities include:

1.Improve International Competitiveness
Lower the passenger movement charge and visa fees and accelerate reform for visas and the tourist refund scheme.

2.Develop Australian Product
Expand Tourism Australia’s role to coordinate product development ensuring strategy and development are aligned.

3.Investing in Labour and Skills
Implement the recommendations of the Austrade Tourism Labour and Skills Roundtable, and ensure the skilled migration program is available and accessible to meet the needs of employers in regional and urban communities.

“With an election due within the year, it is important the Morrison government hits the ground running, progresses the initiatives already underway and commits to releasing a Tourism policy platform.”

Duncan Bremner

Director - Public Affairs and Advocacy

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