The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year’s Resolution

28 Dec 2018 |

In this upcoming Federal Election year, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s New Year resolution is to convince the next Federal Government of Australia to:

  1. Encourage cooperation within Australian workplaces, not conflict.

          – and not sacrifice small and family businesses to big union demands.

  1. Get power bills down – and keep them down.  

         – while making sure the lights stay on and we reduce emissions.

  1. Educate and train Australians for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

         – and be able to access skilled migrants when there are gaps.

The Australian Chamber is Australia’s largest network of employers, speaking for over 300,000 businesses employing millions of Australians in every sector of the economy, in every corner of Australia.

Emily Kennelly

Adviser - Public Affairs and Advocacy

P  |  0438730772

E  |  [email protected]

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