Small Business top of agenda where it belongs

21 Jan 2019 |

The focus on small business in announcements today by the Federal Opposition has been welcomed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the country’s largest and most representative voice for small business.

“It was great to hear the Shadow Treasurer confirm that small business will be represented in a Labor Cabinet should they form government after the election,” acting Australian Chamber CEO, Jenny Lambert, said.

“The business community last year appreciated the Coalition’s move to put small business back into Cabinet in the most recent reshuffle.

“Now we know that both parties are thinking about the importance of running a small business lens overall policy that is relevant to small business.”

Ms Lambert also acknowledged Federal Labor’s national procurement plan announcement today to leverage government buying power aimed at providing opportunities for local business, particularly small business, to bid for work.

“It rightly acknowledges that value for money for the government is paramount, as it is important to maintain a competitive market and promote efficiencies within local businesses.

“The most likely source of jobs growth in the next few years will be those start-ups and small to medium sized businesses who are seizing opportunities and going for growth.

“A competitive business environment is critically important to them, and that means the federal government needs to stay focused on a conducive workplace relations environment, development of skills and reducing energy costs.

“It was disappointing to read this morning of another business, being polystyrene coffee cup producer Remapak, who has been forced to close due to unsustainable energy costs, with a loss of 60 jobs.

“Addressing the competitive conditions in which small to medium size enterprises operate will need to be the number one focus of whichever party forms government after the election.”

The Australian Chamber is Australia’s largest network of employers, speaking for over 300,000 businesses employing millions of Australians in every sector of the economy, in every corner of Australia.

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Director - Public Affairs and Advocacy

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