Skilled visas review strikes the right balance

30 Jun 2017 |

The outcome of the inaugural review of occupations able to access temporary skilled visas has shown the Government is willing to listen to evidence presented by the business community while honouring its policy of constraint, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

The Department of Immigration and Border Production has today released the outcome of its first scheduled review of the occupation lists that underpin the temporary skilled migration and employer-sponsored permanent migration schemes.

Jenny Lambert, Director of Employment, Education and Training at the Australian Chamber, said: “We have appreciated the opportunities for the business community to present its evidence to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and his Department as part of the review process.

“It is critical that businesses can access skilled workers when and where they need them. Welcoming overseas skilled workers helps to create Australian jobs, not to replace them.

“The Australian Chamber was pleased to work with our network of over 60 industry associations to present to the Government strong evidence from businesses at the coal face of this issue.

“Given the changes made to the list are modest, some organisations and businesses will be disappointed with the outcome. We will continue to work with them to identify how they can access the skilled workers they need to operate and grow their businesses.

“This may include providing further evidence at the next scheduled review in six months or using pathways such as customised labour agreements. Such agreements offer a way to benefit from specialists from overseas alongside a commitment to skill up Australian workers.

“The Australian Chamber is committed to working with Government to improve regulations so they deliver the best outcome for the community.”

Jenny Lambert

Director - Employment, Education and Training

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