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21 Apr 2017 |

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is today joining with other leading business groups to share key facts on trade to demonstrate the ways it has made Australia more prosperous.

The “10 Facts About Australian Trade” factsheet and social media materials are being launched today by the Australian Chamber in cooperation with other leading business groups.

Jenny Lambert, Acting CEO of the Australian Chamber, said: “Trade has had an enormous impact in Australia to create jobs, grow businesses, spark innovation and expand choices. The living standards of Australians would be much lower today were it not for our long-standing openness to trade.

“But many people are not aware of how trade has improved their lives, so have become easy targets for opportunists spreading misinformation. We have already seen a populist backlash in some parts of the world against free trade, and must act now to avoid that backlash taking hold in Australia. It may be tempting to blame trade for economic and social problems, but to do so would be wrong and counterproductive.

“That’s why we have collaborated with other leading business groups to present facts about Australian trade. The factsheet and social media materials will dispel the falsehoods about trade that are contaminating public debate and help Australians to make more informed decisions.

“If Australia turns its back on the community of nations we would leave ourselves much poorer. Australia needs the rest of the world more than the rest of the world needs Australia.”

The factsheet presents compelling information on the impact of trade:

  • Trade has left the average Australian family up to $3900 better off each year.
  • Australia’s international trade was worth $662 billion in 2015-16.
  • 2.7 million Australian jobs rely on trade.
  • Australian exporters pay employees 11.5 per cent more on average than non-exporters.
  • Trade has helped to lift more than 1 billion people out of poverty around the world.

The factsheet has been prepared by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, APPEA, the Business Council of Australia, the Minerals Council of Australia and the National Farmers’ Federation.

The factsheet is available below and on the Australian Chamber’s website.

The latest effort complements the #TradeMatters campaign undertaken by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Bryan Clark

Director - Trade and International Affairs

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