Senate bravely reaffirms the rule of law in the building industry

09 Aug 2017 |

Senators have helped ensure communities throughout Australia can benefit from on time and on budget construction of hospitals, government and community infrastructure, by reaffirming requirements for businesses seeking Government-funded construction work to comply with the Building Code, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today.

The latest 2016 Building Code was introduced in February this year. Labor Senators had moved to disallow the regulations this week, but the move failed in the Senate.

James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber, said: “We congratulate Senators, particularly those members of the crossbench who supported the Building Code, for reaffirming the rule of law in the industry and not giving a green light to union intimidation tactics and illegality on construction sites.

“The Building Code is critically important to helping to restore the rule of law to major construction in Australia. This will bring down the cost of building important community infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, and secure better outcomes for taxpayers and communities.

“The Building Code enforces our workplace laws, protects employee pay and leave entitlements, and it offers better opportunities for small business subcontractors. It is part of a wider package of initiatives that will benefit all in the industry and wider community, and address wider concerns such as security of payments.

“We look forward to the benefits of the Building Code flowing through to construction work across our economy.

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