Scott Barklamb to join the Australian Chamber

12 Jan 2017 |

Experienced workplace relations practitioner Scott Barklamb has this week joined the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as our Director of Workplace Relations Policy.

James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber, said: “We are delighted to welcome Scott to the secretariat of the Australian Chamber to lead our Workplace Relations Policy Unit.

“Scott brings to the role great experience, including two previous stints at the Australian Chamber and a senior role at the Australian Mines and Metals Association. He also brings to the role insights from the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, where he was involved in key international debates on workplace relations and job creation.

“Workplace relations is a central issue for members of the Australian Chamber, and I have great confidence that Scott will lead our policy and advocacy efforts with distinction.

“Whether it is in hearings at the Fair Work Commission, in the corridors of Parliament House, at the negotiating table at the International Labour Organisation or in advocacy through the media, Scott and his team will be arguing the case for making Australia more competitive by repairing and improving our workplace relations system to make it fit for purpose for our rapidly evolving 21st century economy.

“I thank Dick Grozier for acting as Director since July and am pleased he will remain part of our workplace relations team. Dick and fellow team member Alana Matheson continue to make an outstanding contribution to advocating the interests of Australian employers in workplace relations.”

Scott Barklamb, Director of Workplace Relations Policy at the Australian Chamber, said: “How we regulate work is critical to the living standards and opportunities Australians enjoy, now and into the future.

“Our current Fair Work system makes it harder than it should be to start and grow a business, and create jobs. Employers, small and large, and their employees are navigating a very challenging, globalised environment and require a workplace relations system that helps them to compete.

“I look forward to working with the Chamber’s extensive and unique member network, the largest and most representative in the country, to develop and prosecute positive reforms. We will work towards policy and regulation that will improve our economy and labour market.”

Scott Barklamb CV

2012 – 2016: Executive Director – Policy and Public Affairs at the Australian Mines and Metals Association

2009 – 2012: Principal Adviser / Asian Region Adviser at the International Organisation of Employers

2002 – 2009: Director – Workplace Policy at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1999 – 2001: Consultant on Youth Employment at the International Labour Organisation

1998 – 2001: Assistant Director at the WA Department of Productivity and Labour Relations

1996 – 1998: Labour Relations Adviser at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1994 – 1996: Employee Relations Adviser at the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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