Parliament Should Deliver A Consistent National Domestic Violence Leave Standard

13 Sep 2018 |

Australia’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomes proposed laws to provide all Australian employees with access to domestic violence leave consistent with the decision of the independent industrial relations tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, earlier this year.

“The Fair Work Commission decided employees covered by awards should have access to 5 days unpaid leave to deal with family and domestic violence. Laws to extend this to employees not covered by awards should reflect this outcome. That can be done by politicians passing the Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2018 as introduced into Parliament today,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson, said.

“The independent tribunal set this standard following 17 hearings, dozens of witnesses, and thousands of pages of carefully considered evidence from all points of view.

“It is important for certainty and consistency that politicians respect the Commission’s decision. Employers, who are already dealing with a complex and confusing set of workplace relations laws, are worried that Canberra will create more confusion by setting a different standard for leave for some employees to the one already decided by the independent tribunal.

“Domestic violence is a serious issue and employers want to be able to help their employees in times of need. This might include helping employees connect to support and services, providing flexibility or time out of the workplace, or providing other forms of assistance.

“The proposed laws will set a minimum standard, just like they already do for employees under awards. And just like the domestic violence leave provisions in awards, the proposed laws won’t prevent businesses from providing even more support if they are in a position to do so.

“The Fair Work Commission decided what that minimum standard should be. Australian businesses, large and small, urge Parliament to respect its decision in passing the bill.”

Duncan Bremner

Director - Public Affairs and Advocacy

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