Job Vacancies – The Facts

09 Jan 2019 |

In response to the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)’s claims today that there is a “national insecure work crisis” which is a “national disaster”, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, James Pearson noted:


ACTU claim: Australian workers will find it harder than ever to find secure work.

The Facts: “ABS data shows over the past year job vacancies have increased by 13.9%, leaving total job openings in Australia at their highest level of ever recorded”.


ACTU claim: “Insecure work” is on the rise based on job vacancy figures released today by the ABS.

The Facts: “Over the last year, full-time employment growth has accounted for around two thirds of the total increase in employment – meaning there were more full-time jobs in Australia last year than ever before”.


ACTU Claim: “We are seeing the emergence of the working poor.”

The Facts:  “Based on ABS data, Australian wage growth hit the highest level in three years in the September quarter 2018”


ACTU Claim: Australia is experiencing an “insecure work crisis”

The Facts: “The Fair Work Commission, the ABS and the ABC Fact Check have all confirmed that the proportion of casual employment in the Australian workforce has been steady for the past two decades at around 25%”.

“The simple truth is today’s ABS data confirms there have never been more job openings in Australia than there are right now,” Mr Pearson said.

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