GETTING ON WITH BUSINESS 2019: Australia’s largest business network launches policy manifesto for the next Federal Government

07 May 2019 |

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today launched its policy recommendations for the next Federal Government: Getting On With Business 2019.

Underpinning the recommendations for action in Getting On With Business 2019 is concern for Australia’s ability to sustain long-term economic growth, increase national income and raise living standards.

“The next federal government and parliament have a responsibility to improve the productive capacity of the economy, our ability to withstand external economic shocks and improve our international competitiveness,” Australian Chamber CEO, James Pearson said in his introduction to the manifesto.

“We need to create a competitive environment for business in an economy that is strong, growing and resilient.”

The policy recommendations in Getting on with Business reflect the collective wisdom, experience, and ambition of the Australian Chamber network representing over 300,000 employers, large and small, from every corner of the country and in every sector of the economy.

The recommendations address key issues facing Australian business. They include policy measures that will support Small Business, three of which are highlighted in the Australian Chamber’s Small Business Is A Big Deal campaign:

  • Improving workplace relations
  • Stopping the collapse in skills
  • Getting power prices down and keeping them down

Mr Pearson said “Small Business is a Big Deal and deserves support because:

  • 98% of all businesses are small businesses.
  • Small businesses employ five million Australians and give many young people their first job.
  • Small businesses train 40% of apprentices.

“We want Australia to be the best place in the world to do business. For Australians to have the jobs, living standards and opportunities to which they aspire.

“Getting On With Business 2019 sets out our recommendations for Australia’s next federal government and parliament, to realise that vision. For the benefit of all Australians.”

Duncan Bremner

Director - Public Affairs and Advocacy

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