Building and Construction Commission vital to protecting workers’ interests

12 Dec 2018 |

Record instances of law-breaking on Queensland construction sites over the past year reinforce the vital role of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today, in welcoming the Federal Government’s announcement of an additional $4 million in funding for the ABCC.

“Unions and employers share the same obligations as every Australian to act within the law,” Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, James Pearson said today.

“Australians must be properly protected from those who believe they are above the law, or justify breaking the law as a means to an end, as we see from elements within the union movement.”

As an example, in just one case alone this year, the CFMMEU admitted to 143 contraventions of the Fair Work Act.

This included preventing people from getting to work at the Queensland University of Technology building site and holding up signs labelling workers ‘gutless grubs’, ‘dogs’ and ‘scabs’.

“Blatant bullying and intimidation is not acceptable inside or outside the workplace and it’s cynical and hypocritical when the behaviour comes from unions who claim to represent workers’ interests,” Mr Pearson said.

In welcoming the additional funding, Mr Pearson expressed concern at plans by the Federal Labor Party to abolish the ABCC.

“To abolish the ABCC would let building unions off the hook and give a green light to thuggish and unacceptable behaviour across Australia’s construction industry.”

Duncan Bremner

Director - Public Affairs and Advocacy

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