Brand Australia – Call for single brand welcomed

23 Nov 2017 |

The Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the government’s call today, in the release of its Foreign Policy White Paper, for a ‘national unified brand’ to sell Australian exports to the world.

“Brands are powerful. A single brand would help Australian exporters enter new markets and attract foreign investment,” Australian Chamber Chief Executive Officer James Pearson said.

“The well-known Australian Made, Australian Grown logo has been identifying Australian goods in export markets for more than 30 years. Nearly 3,000 businesses currently use the logo on more than 20,000 products sold around the world.

“It is important we leverage the equity from the popular green and gold kangaroo logo, which has come to symbolise our clean, green, high-quality products.”

In response to the White Paper overall, Mr Pearson said: “It sets Australia on a course of engagement that will help grow our economy and enhance our position in the region and globally.

“We welcome the paper’s rejection of protectionism and commitment to open markets, free trade and international competition.

“This must be backed up by domestic policies that help Australian businesses compete in the international arena. Australia needs internationally competitive tax rates, lower power prices and a skilled, flexible labour market.”

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