Australian Chamber congratulates Prime Minister Morrison and his Coalition Government on re-election

19 May 2019 |

Australia’s largest business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, congratulates Prime Minister Morrison and the Federal Coalition on its re-election to government.

“The business community congratulates the Prime Minister and the Coalition for winning the election and being returned to government.  We look forward to working with them to address the issues raised by Australia’s businesses, particularly small business, during the campaign,” said James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber.

“After a hard fought contest, the Prime Minister has signalled the importance of governing for all Australians. It was reassuring to hear a similar message from the Leader of the Opposition in his concession speech.

“It is not clear yet if the government will enjoy a clear majority, or govern with the support of independents. In either event, business hopes the Parliament, including the Senate, will recognise the importance of supporting the government to work in the national interest.

“Australia’s small businesses told us that better workplace relations, lower power prices and better investment in skills are important issues for them. That’s why we campaigned in this election, and will continue to campaign:

  • To make it easier for businesses to hire people and run their businesses well
  • To get the price of power down and keep it down while ensuring reliability and reducing emissions
  • To stop the collapse in skills and train Australians for the jobs of today and tomorrow

“The returning government recognises the importance of small business. Small businesses employ five million people, give jobs to a third of young people in the workforce, and train and employ 40% of apprentices. They need policies that will support them and the millions of people that depend on them.

“We want to work with the government and the Parliament to make Australia the best place in the world to do business. So Australians can have the jobs, living standards and opportunities to which they aspire.”

The Australian Chamber is Australia’s largest network of employers, speaking for over 300,000 businesses employing millions of Australians in every sector of the economy, in every corner of Australia. Our Small Business is a Big Deal campaign gives voice to what small businesses need from the next federal government, and our Getting on with Business recommends ways to make Australia the best place in the world to do business.

Duncan Bremner

Director - Public Affairs & Advocacy

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