12/10/2022 | Public Access

ACCI Business Leaders Summit 2022

Join us for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Business Summit with the Hon. Richard Marles MP, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. This year’s Summit has been designed to foster connections between business and political leaders. By harnessing key influential voices from both these spheres, ACCI aims to achieve a...

19/10/2021 | Public Access

ACCI chief executive launches Better Australia

Andrew McKellar, chief executive Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Leaders Summit Tuesday, 19 October 2021 ***  CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY *** Our long-term prosperity and living standards rely on us doing more than just reopening; we need to make changes - intelligent and courageous changes - to secure a Better Australia...

19/10/2021 | Public Access

ACCI calls for renewed generation of reform

As Australians, we have a duty to secure the prosperity of future generations, ensuring that we pass on improved social and economic outcomes compared to the ones we inherited.   With our economy facing significant headwinds, we must embrace opportunity and adopt an ambitious reform agenda to strengthen our place in...

14/10/2021 | Public Access

Workplace mental health at breaking point

The economic, social and individual importance of mental health has never been more prominent than now. Today, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released a report, Small Business, Mental Health; navigating the complex landscape, highlighting the unique challenges small businesses face in managing their own mental health, their employee’s mental...

02/09/2021 | Public Access

Respect@Work reforms a significant step to tackle workplace sexual harassment

The Respect@Work reforms, passed by the Parliament today, delivers the most significant initiative to stamp out workplace sexual harassment in decades.  The legislation sends a clear message that sexual harassment is never okay; there is no place in society for such behaviour. “Today’s changes are a practical step in ensuring...

30/08/2021 | Public Access

Naming JobKeeper recipients retrospectively shifts the goalposts

Demands for the ATO to reveal the recipients of the JobKeeper scheme are short-sighted and risk setting a dangerous precedent that undermines the privacy of all taxpayers’ confidential information. “Efforts to publish the names of certain businesses that were recipients of the JobKeeper scheme are a deliberate attempt to smear...

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