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The Australian Chamber Trade Survey gauges the attitudes of Australian businesses to international trade.

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Australian Chamber National Trade Survey 2018 – Full Report

Australian Chamber National Trade Survey 2018

The Australian Chamber’s Fourth National Trade Survey, conducted in partnership with the University of South Australia’s Australian Centre for Asian Business, aims to gauge the attitudes and challenges faced by Australian businesses in the international market.

It is supported by the qualitative insights from over 200 Australian businesses over the years 2013-2018.

Australia’s role as a trade and investment partner to some of the world’s largest economies has allowed us to create jobs, wealth and opportunities for many Australian businesses.

In an era of unparalleled globalisation and technological advancement, other developed nations have begun adapting their policy settings to better place business to compete in international markets. If Australia does not do the same, we will get left behind. It is important that we put in place the right policies to help Australian businesses create and sustain jobs, and provide competitively priced goods and services.

The Fourth National Trade Survey identifies the opportunities and key barriers Australian businesses are facing, including understanding and utilisation of free trade agreements, high domestic costs and red tape, engagement in emerging markets, access to trade finance and utilisation and support of trade initiatives.

In highlighting these key issues, we hope this report sparks a national discussion on the domestic reforms needed to ensure Australian businesses remain internationally competitive and acts as an impetus for change.

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Australian Chamber International Trade Survey | 2016

The Australian Chamber’s National Trade Survey is an annual survey that gauges the attitudes of Australian international trade businesses on key trade issues. The National Trade Survey 2016, the third instalment of the survey, was conducted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the University of South Australia’s Australian Centre for Asian Business.

The quantitative component involved questionnaire responses from 202 international trade businesses, while a subsequent qualitative component involved 27 in-depth interviews with individual respondents.

Respondents were surveyed across seven categories: the profile of Australian international traders; the issues the most mattered to traders; administration; trade finance; the use and understanding of free trade agreements; preferred markets and FTAs; and trade support services.

The survey found that lack of understanding of free trade agreements, shortages of finance and excessive red tape were the main concerns.

It also found that a majority of respondents consider potential free trade agreements with India and Indonesia to be key government priorities.

Australia’s falling international competitiveness and a high exchange rate rounded out the main concerns for traders.

Australian Chamber International Trade Survey | 2014

The Australian Chamber International Trade Survey has been designed to identify and understand the issues relating to cross border transactions faced by Australian businesses.

A total of 314 businesses were surveyed, across every state and territory, representing different business sizes and across all industries. Firms were broken down according to their employee size in order to categories the cohorts as small, medium or large.

Small: 1 – 19 employees
Medium: 20 – 199 employees
Large: 200+ employees

Additional detail about respondents can be found in Appendix I.

The ACCI National Trade Survey was distributed through ACCI’s state and territory based chamber of commerce and selected industry association members from 24 October to 23 December 2013.

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