Staff Members

Lee-Anne Dean

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Schmidt

Director - Finance & Corporate Services

Ross Lambie

Chief Economist

Peter Grist

Senior Economist - Economics & Industry Policy

Daniel Popovski

Senior Policy Advisor - Economics & Industry Policy

Jenny Lambert

Director - Employment & Skills
Director - Tourism

Krithika Gururaj

Policy Adviser - Employment & Skills
Policy Adviser - Tourism

John Hart

Executive Chair - Australian Chamber – Tourism

Sophie Lebang

Policy Officer – Employment & Skills

Scott Barklamb

Director - Workplace Relations

Tamsin Lawrence

Deputy Director | Workplace Relations

James Pearson

Chief Executive Officer

Ingrid Fraser

Senior Adviser | Workplace Relations

Jennifer Low

Director - Workplace Health & Safety and Workers' Compensation Policy

Bryan Clark

Director - Trade & International Affairs

Sara Gillespie

International Policy Support Officer

Paul Nicolaou

Director - Membership & Events
Director - Australian Chamber Business Leaders Council

Nerida Pearson

Executive Support

Tracy Rieger

Senior Manager – Membership, Marketing & Events

Natalie Chynoweth

Marketing and Media Coordinator

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