Video Conference with Julie Lander, CEO, CareSuper & James Pearson, CEO, ACCI

Around $35 billion has been removed from Australians superannuation as the governments’ early release of super scheme edges towards its close.

Having opened in April this year in response to the immediate effects of the COVID-19 lockdown, close to five million Australians have removed over $35 billion from superannuation.

Whilst the $35 billion milestone was surpassed, applications have been slowing as Australia has slowly worked its way out of lockdown and people have been able to return to work.

At this session James Pearson conducted a Q&A session with Julie Lander were they discussed in depth the future of superannuation, the latest changes announced for super and the Superannuation Industry from the 2020 Federal Budget and the role of superannuation in helping rebuild the Australian economy post COVID-19.


Monday, 16 November 2020



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