Budget Reply Video Conference with the Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury

“A trillion dollars is a lot of money – one with twelve zeros after it. So what does Australia get from that spending? According to Dr Andrew Leigh, Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury & Shadow Assistant Minister for Charities.

“The economy came into this crisis from a position of weakness. Last year, productivity went backwards, investment was in the doldrums, wage growth was among the slowest on record. We had problems in retail and a downturn in construction.”

“COVID-19 has been a huge hit to human capital. Not just to physical health, but to mental health too. Education has suffered, particularly among disadvantaged students but also among the quality of tertiary education.”

At this video conference Dr Leigh outlined Labor’s response to the 2020-2021 Federal Budget brought down by Treasurer Frydenberg on 6 October and the Opposition’s priorities included in the Hon Anthony Albanese’s Budget Reply speech.


Monday, 12 October 2020



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