Too Big to Ignore

There are over two million small businesses in Australia, employing over seven million people. That’s over 60 per cent of our workforce. Yet for too many years small business has been overtaxed, overregulated and overlooked by government.

The Small Business. Too Big to Ignore campaign aims to help small businesses shape the national agenda. The campaign started ahead of the 2013 federal election and continues today.

In April 2013, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched an exciting grass-roots election year initiative, Small Business. Too Big to Ignore. More than 700 small business people came together one early morning at Homebush in Western Sydney to participate in the launch.

In just the first two months some 10,000 active voices added their weight to the campaign for small business via This is on top of 23,000 Facebook supporters joining the campaign, which demonstrates the strength of small business mobilisation. The campaign delivered a powerful national platform for small business to add their voices and get heard in Canberra, that continues today. Small businesses may be small voices on their own, but together they are too big to ignore.

There are four areas, specifically, that have been highlighted through the Small Business Too Big to Ignore campaign that are worthy of continued attention:
1. Cutting red tape;
2. Reducing the tax burden;
3. Making it easier to employ people; and
4. Building productivity enhancing infrastructure.

For more information, view our full Big 4 you can’t Ignore policy positions and our Small Business policy page.

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