Top10in10: 10 steps towards a more competitive Australia

Australia is a great place to live, but we cannot be complacent. Our living standards are rising more slowly than they have in the past and people are struggling to build a better future.

While other nations are embracing policies to increase the competitiveness of their economies, Australia is unable to commit to sensible reform to allow us to compete in the global marketplace. Over the past decade, Australia has fallen from 10 to 21 on the Global Competitiveness Index, with our biggest weaknesses being innovation, tax and workplace relations. This means less investment, fewer jobs and missed opportunities.

The good news is we can do something about it. Whichever party becomes the government after this election can take practical steps to improve Australia’s global competitiveness, and so make local businesses more dynamic and Australia a more attractive destination for international investors.

That’s why this election we are asking all parties to commit to these 10 steps so we can become a top 10 country within 10 years. These commitments are practical and achievable and need to start straight after the election.

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